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Family Meetings?

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I've been reading a bit about family meetings recently, and I'm really interested in figuring out if this would work for my family. Our family is myself, dh and my 10 and 6 y/o kids. I'm wondering if anyone else does family meetings? If so, are they regularly scheduled? Do you use the time to problem solve, air complaints, make plans, etc? I'd love any experiences. Thanks.
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sorry don't have any experience; my dds are only 22 and 1 month.
but i'll take notes for future reference.
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We have family meetings. They do not amount to much. We just talk about a few things that we thing need addessed. We have one a month.
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Every Sunday night. I have our "family calendar" open while my husband has his "work calendar" open. We discuss what is happening this week, what needs to happen (appointments to make), ideas on what to eat for dinner, needs, wishes, etc. They take +/- 15 minutes. Our daughter, newly three, sits and listens and pipes in for the dinner comments.
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My parents used to hold them irregularly, but they always felt awkward.

The three of us try to sit down for dinner together every night, and talk things over then. DS isn't talking much yet, but he'll throw in some words periodically. Thursday nights we plan our meals for the next week.
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We don't regularly schedule family meetings. We all sit together at dinner and talk about our day and anything that is going on. We do have family meetings if there is something going on that is/will be altering our day-to-day lives.

For example, we had a family meeting when I was put on bed rest to talk about how important it was to be cooperative and helpful while Mom needed to rest for the baby. This helped the kids understand what was going on and that a little more would be expected from them - they are older (range in age from 7 to 14), so they were able to be extremely helpful!
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We don't have family meetings but we always talk about everything around dinner time.
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