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DS calls it "Eh." Before he was verbal he would just do the sign for milk. Then he started adding the sound "eh" when he made the sound for milk. Eventually he dropped the sign and just started asking for "Eh."

He is now over 2 1/2, very verbal and when he wants to nurse says "Baby needs one more Eh mama!" Of course if I have to postpone him for any reason, he takes it up a notch and yells "Baby NEEDS one more EH!" This is the same kid who also "NEEDS to touch mamas udda boob" while he is nursing.
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My DD calls nursing "boo boo" but she also knows that what comes out is milk. She will let me know if the milk isn't coming out right away sometimes, and I will remind her to stick with it and then she smiles up at me when the milk starts coming.
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DS calls it milkies, or tells me its milkies time. I LOVE it!
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DS1 called them 'noo-noooooHHH!' (like new new)

Frequent conversations in the grocery store ran like this,

'and what do babies do?'

'yah, bebe noo-nooooooo!' (simultaneously poking me in the boob!)
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My 14 m/o has recently switched from "moa" for more to "miu" for milk. She also pats my chest. Lately she's desperately needed lots of extra nursing comfort for teething reasons so I often hear it slurred into one long string of "MEMEMEMEMEEEYOOO!" sometimes followed by "Yeahyeah" when she's about to latch.

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This is the same kid who also "NEEDS to touch mamas udda boob" while he is nursing.
Oh!! I hear this in my head every time my dd tries to twiddle me. That story made me laugh so hard.
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"milkie" is what we call it around here! both boobs is "two milkies"!!
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He says "nurse?" or "nurse, please". And when it's time to switch he'll point to the other breast and say "other one?"
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This thread has me laughing.

I've been calling it mommymilk since my oldest was a little baby and they all have said some form of that. My oldest was an early talker and said "mommymilk" pretty clearly. My second said it much less clearly.

My current nursling, now 29 months, just says, "milk" but the L is barely pronounced.

I think it's cool that he's learning breastmilk is milk first. We don't have cowmilk in our house because my middle child has severe contact dairy allergy.
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My 22 month old has called it na na for a while now and just within the last couple weeks she started saying "me nurse" too and then sitting up and telling me "other side".
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Dd is 26 months and she calls nipples "milk". My nipples, her nipples, dad's nipples. I'm teaching her "nipple", but at the moment it's pretty funny.

She says "milk" or "nurse" when she wants to breastfeed. She also specifies where she wants it..."milk chair", "milk couch", "milk bed".
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Before DD was born I read the how-to-breastfeed type of books. They suggested saying "open" to the newborn to get them to open their mouths. The word open seemed to complex for me, so when she was born I'd say ah-ah. (With stress on the second ah). She sometimes mimicked me when she latched on.

When she was 4 days old Mr Toona woke me up from a nap saying "I'm sorry to wake you, but she justever so politely asked me for ah-ahs." She's mostly said ah-ah since then. She learned the sign at about 6 months and sometimes just signed for it. But besides that month or so, she has always called it "ah-ah." If I can't get to her fast enough she will ask in an increasingly higher pitch. Lately she sometimes says pwee-eease (please is how she asks for food, with the sign for eat), but mostly ah-ah.

Sometimes she will walk up to the couch I typically nurse her in and pat it and say ah-ah, ah-ah?
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DS (recently turned 2) used to say "nurt" or "nurting" for "nursing". Now it sounds more like "night" for some reason, and sometimes it takes me a while to realize what he wants. On the up-side, other people don't know what he wants either. When he sticks his hand down the front of my shirt though, you can tell that some people know what he wants and others are completely clueless. :

But when it's time to switch sides, he LOUDLY says "odder side!" (Especially loudly, it seems, if we are in church or a store, or daddy is still sleeping.)

Sometimes he nurses on one side for just a few seconds before he decides he has to switch, and I'll tell him he has to nurse on that side for one more minute before he can switch. So he typically obliges very happily, and then after about a minute will tell me "Odder side. Dis side, too slow! Odder side, fast. Hmmh!" :

Oh yeah, and our word for breast/nipple is "nurser". As in "be careful not to bite/pinch mommy's nursers or there's no more nursing." :
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My twin boys call it "nah nahs". Although, one of my boys has started calling it "nursie". First thing in the morning, they say "I want nah nah!" :
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mama milk...indeed, she is requesting it right now!
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Mine has always called it

"Sides!" or "Sides-a" which came from me asking, "Do you want the other side?"

Her friend Zoe calls it :"Na na's"
Quinn calls it : "Bobbies"
And my all time favorite, Nick (before weaning) called it "Milky-moo".

Even funnier is that DD remembers the specific name her friends call their mom's breasts!
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Originally Posted by Huckablogger View Post
Just curious, as I was reading the sweet thread below I saw lots of sweet names toddlers have for nursing. My 31month old has called it Nur-Nur for well over a year now, but now he will say Mama, I need to NURSE not Nur-nur!
What does your nursling call it?
My 27mo ds calls it Nur nur too!!
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DS2 calls them "numnies"

We play a game where he says, "my numnies" and I say, "no, my numnies!" He laughs.
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My 20 month old calls it bobo night night. Also, 'milk' or 'mama milk'. And when she wants to switch sides, it's "dat" (that).
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DD said "eh" in the beginning. Now she says "nah".
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