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Should I buy a bathing suit?

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I figure we'll open the pool around the end of May, but I don't know if I should buy a new suit. My one from last year doesn't fit around my waist anymore. And I am not going skinny dipping during the day lol. I was all ready to order one and then dh was saying how it's just a waste of money to wear it for a short time. I'm due 7/19.
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Do you have a maternity consignment store in your area? We have one and the few things that I've bought new I'll take there after the baby comes. If I were you, I'd buy one. I cannot imagine having a pool and being unable to swim in the hottest part of the day. Luckily for me my regular suit still fits. It's really strechy.
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Originally Posted by Miasmamma View Post
Do you have a maternity consignment store in your area?
No, we live in the middle of nowhere Great idea though!
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I would. who knows how long it will take to go back to your pre-pregnancy size.
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Oh, I LOVE swimming while pregnant. It helps reduce swelling, good exercise, takes the load off joints, keep the body cool.

You will not wear it as many times, probably, but you can get something reasonably priced just get new bottoms or a larger size (longer size if one piece) for the extra room. So NOT a waste of $. Lands End has longer sizes and has some suits that are less expensive. www.Landsend.com
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I went to Ross (or you could go to a similar big box store like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart even, etc.) and I got a plus size bathing suit that seemed to have enough area around the stomach. I also have enormous tatas right now so I needed some coverage! I then altered it myself. I took the straps off and made it into a halter top and made a few tucks/darts in certain key areas. I'm due in June, so I just decided to do that for $16 rather than buy something off the internet.
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I bought one because I swim a few times a week at the gym, so I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. I could only find one that fit at a maternity store, so I got a style that I think I can wear even after the baby comes. It's a one piece and clingy around the middle with a front panel that actually comes down over my belly. I also saw some that were a lot cheaper at Wal-Mart, but they didn't seem to fit me quite right. If you are only going to be wearing it at home and think you won't wear it after your baby comes, you might want to look into a cheap suit at Wal-Mart or K-Mart or Target or someplace like that.
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what about a bikini? then you don't have to worry about your belly size and you could probably wear it after. i know some people don't want to show the belly but since it's your own pool, who'd be there to see? or what about just wearing a tee shirt and boy shorts?

i didn't buy a swimsuit... i just have been wearing a bikini that was a little biggish on me before i got pregnant. now it's a little smallish. but it gets the job done (i'm due mid-June). hopefully it will make it the next two months because i loooove swimming at the Y.
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Old Navy has some reasonably priced maternity suits. Just a thought.
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Well technically you'll only wear any maternity bathing suit for a few months, it's only warm for so long, you know? Even if you're pregnant all summer (like I was with #1, she was due in November and I was 20 weeks in July), you won't use it THAT much. But the other option is never to swim when you're pregnant, and I think that's far worse! Buy a bathing suit. It's worth it. Target has some cheaper ones.

Actually, when you think about it, the same could be said for maternity clothes. They don't last long so why bother? But uh, if you get huge like I do, your regular clothes WILL NOT work and you have to wear something!
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It was totally worth it. Swimming was an amazing relief for me.

Check ebay?
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We are going to the Ozarks for a few days, and I plan to be at the pool all the time as soon as it opens next month. I ended up ordering this one from Land's End. I normally would wear maybe a 14 D from them, but myself and my belly fit just great in the 16 because there is so much ruching and it is so stretchy. I am fairly certain I will be able to wear it post partum too. Maybe you could find something like that?
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I'm convinced, gonna look around right now!!!
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I vote for buy a tankini - can be used whilst pg and not.
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I LOVED my maternity bathing suit. I got one on sale at Motherhood and wore it a lot. It was SO comfy and I actually felt cute in it. Loved it. It was a fake tankini style - looked like a tankini, but was actually connected. I liked that the top wouldn't come up in the water and show my belly
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I've been wearing my bikini top and skirted regular bottom the whole time, plus a tank top over it for coverage unless I'm in the water. I don't quite match but at this point (due in 7 weeks or so) I don't want to spend the money.
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I got one with DS, and saved it for another PG, but I've lost it. So, I just bought a reg. bikini, the bottoms are tied so they can be any size, and I got it in Med, instead of small like I normally am. Oh, and it was only $4 each piece ($8!!) on sale at Target!
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I've been worrying about this, because I'm plus-size AND pregnant! That combo is deadly when looking for a swimsuit. But, this thread inspired me to order one of the LE tops with the adjustable shirring on the sides, and a cover-up skirt that hopefully can be worn in the pool with a regular swimsuit bottom underneath. (I NEED a skirt -- no one wants to see my thighs, LOL!)

I've always stuck with LE suits when not pregnant, so hopefully it'll be OK sizing up one or two sizes. There are all kinds of friends and family 30% codes floating around right now, too!
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Target has nice cheap maternity suits. I loved swimming in my last pregnancy, it was the only way I made it though the summer! Totally worth the money IMO. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere you can always sell your maternity stuff on Ebay!
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My last pregnancy I used an existing tankini that just got smaller and smaller. It worked fine. My belly just hung out and I didn't care- it sort of became a bikini. BUT, it was TOTALLY shot after that stress and was never any good to wear afterwards anyway.

This time someone gave me a motherhood "fake tankini" style suit and its great. You know, I would never have picked it out myself, but I am so glad I have it. I haven't used it THAT much but if I was preg in the middle of summer, for sure it would be seeing a lot of action. Also, though I've put on less than 20lbs but there is NO WAY my normal one-pieces would fit, since its all in the middle.

I love being in the water pregnant, especially at the very end. I think its very good for your body! I would say its def worth it to have something that works for you- mat or not- and honestly you can't really count on it lasting long after the preg anyway. However- due late July- you might use it for the rest of the summer anyway as you return to your normal size and all. And maybe you can pass it along to another pregnant person and just think of it as good karma or whatever, even if you don't recoup the expense of buying it.
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