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No buttons, no snaps!!

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DD (3 in May) has this new quirk. I'm not worried about it, but I want to know if anyone else has experienced this.
DD will not wear anything with buttons or snaps. It used to be an occasional discrimination, but now she's rejecting old favorites because of the offending closures. Even ornamental buttons are being refused. As we bring out the summer clothes (most of which I bought big last year--before the no button edict-- so she could wear this year), she looks at the shirt she asks, "does it have buttons on it? Does it have snaps?" If I say yes, she says, "I don't want to wear it." She used to do this occasionally, but now she inspects everything I give her to wear.

She likes to choose her clothes, and when we get dressed I give her two things to pick from. She also likes to dress herself. So I can see where it's coming from. It used to be endearing, but we're running out of options!
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Sounds like she has her own idea of comfort! I wonder if most of her clothes with snaps or buttons irritate her, so she's now rejecting all of it, or if she just dosn't like them?

Either way, you may not find an answer. Can you comply with the no buttons, no snaps for a bit untill it passes?
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Maybe it was a comfort thing originally, now it's seems to have merged with her wanting to pick out her own clothes. We went summer clothes shopping at the consignment store yesterday. I picked out several things in her size, some of which had buttons. Then I gave her veto power, making sure she was aware of anything with buttons. She said no to three things--one with buttons, 2 without, and was actually enthusiastic about one dress with buttons down the back. We even tried it on. All her everyday play clothes are now button/snap free except for some shorts and jeans she already had that she decided were okay. She was very consistent about patterns and colors: pink, purple, floral, and cute animals. Apparently if it's bright or cute enough, buttons don't matter. She was very excited about choosing her own clothes, and even more excited this morning to put on her new shirt and shorts this morning. I don't think the button boycott is over, but we'll certainly accomodate.
What was really cool was everything was 20% off!
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