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How to sew a wet bag & material needed?

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Hey I wanted to ask if anyone knew how to sew a wet bag for cloth diapers? I did a google search and came up with nothing! If you know how what type of material is needed?

These seem so simple I am just unsure of what material and also where to purchase the material?

All you need is needle, thread, material and zipper right?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried doing a search on here but it won't take the word "wet" as valid in my search?
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Here is a really easy one:

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Wow what a cool website, I've browsed it one time before, but I didn't see they had a wet bag pattern and the waterproof sheet pattern. Boy my favorites on my computer is filling up like crazy!

Does anybody have any tips on how they like their wet bags? Any smell problems? Or it's like a cat litter box? You keep it clean and deodorize you don't smell a thing. I plan on washing my diapers every other day.
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Another question would you use non-breathable PLU on wet bags and breathable PLU for diaper covers?
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I bought my bags from This Old Bag, who uses that pattern to make and sell her bags (with permission). I believe that she uses the non-breatheable PUL. I've had no problems with my bags and highly recommend them.
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If you want to do a drawstring bag, the pattern at Janelle's Pul's is really good. Here's another one:

If you want to do a zippered wet bag, you will want to first cut out the material in the same manner as shown in the first step from the directions from Janelle's PUL. Then you will want to hem the two edges of your material that will be on the top. Then, before sewing up the sides, you will want to sew the zipper on. If you try to sew the zipper on after sewing up the sides, it will be a nightmare! Believe me, I've made that mistake. Once the zipper is on, you can either sew with right sides together or serge with wrong sides together (how it will look when finished.) Does that make sense?

For a wet bag, you can basically use any waterproof material, breathable or non-breathable. Here's a site that I highly recommend for getting affordable good waterproof materials.
Go to the diaper shop area, and get some of the Taslan. It is basically a Nylon PUL. Very nice and makes great wet bags! The procare is cheaper and also makes nice wetbags, but it is thicker and not as pretty. It works great though. These materials also work for AIO's or Covers. Good luck!
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Oh that's a nice pattern too. It also shows me how to insert teh box'y bottom! Thanks scheelimama. Does breathing pul's make your diaper bag less stinky?
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