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Do you think this will work? PLEASE-need help!!

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My dd is outgrowing the fuzzi bunz we have. She is potty trained, but still wets while sleeping, so that's when she wears them. rather than buying more in a larger size, i figured i would try making some (we only need 4, since she needs them for nap/night and we wash every other day). so hears my plan, tel me what you think...
i would like to make a pocket trainer, along the lines of a moe trainer. i'm planning on using a combo of these patterns http://www.thenappynetwork.org.nz/im...a_Knickers.pdf and http://www.freewebs.com/kait_kayley/...ionsbetter.pdf but use a fold over elastic. what do you think? will that work? we have plenty of inserts already fro the fb's so i was figuring on just making a pocket trainer, but without snaps or anything, just a traditional pull-up style. any input would be appreciated, since i've never attempted to do anything like this before. i've never sewn elastic, but i have this tutorial to work from. seems pretty self explanatory. i figure i can just sew around the waist (and legs) and fold it under to make an end seem, rather than attach the ends of the "wings" since i won't have any. unlehttp://www.mothering.com/discussions/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=319ss it would be easier to to make separate leg cuffs and a waistband and then just attach them to the main part, but i don't know if my dd will like the boy-leg cut, so i think i'm gonna stick with the foe.
ok, i'd LOVE some feedback. Anxiously awaiting....TIA!!
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The only thing I can't picture is how you'll make the opening for your pocket if you plan to bind the waist with foe? It's hard to explain these things in writing, so maybe you explained that part already. I'm just picturing with the FOE that your front and back edges will be enclosed in the foe...
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yeah, i was thinking about that part last night. i figured, once i get to about 1/4 way through the back, i would separate the outer and lining pieces, hem the lining, and sew the foe just to the outer pul-similar to what is done with fuzzi bunz-then rejoin the outer and lining pieces 1/4 way to the sides. does that make any sense?
i was also planning on just dissecting a pair of her undies to get the right size. thanks for your help!!
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Yup - I think that would work. You could just purposely cut your fleece inner like 1/2 shorter in the back (where the pocket would be), so it lies nicely and you can keep the liner out of the foe in that area. I hope that makes sense.
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yes, it does. few more questions for you...
i measured my daughters undies. they have a 17" waist-8" in the front, 9" in back. i'm going to make the waist a little higher, since her undies are kinda like bikinis (i know, right, for a 4 yo?), but should i make them the same dimensions or a little wider waist? also, i tried making a protoype out of cotton, just to see if i got it right, but since i had no elastic and it wasn't a knit (aka stretchy) fabric. it came out great, i was pretty impressed with myself!! however, they didn't go past her knees, although the dimensions were right. i want to get this right so i don't waste the pul and fleece. suggestions? i'm pm'ing you this info, too, since it seems we're the only ones in on this convo!! thanks again.
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Did you already get this worked out? I think probably they were too small because you need to cut your fabric using meas. from her panties when they're stretched out, and then the elastic you put in will smallen the pull-up to the unstretched dimensions of the panties.
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