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Yes! I firmly believe that the ginormous master bedrooms with oodles of space for all those things adults need to do in their bedrooms ; and the granite and stainless kitchens will be the hallmarks of the 2000s style. We're almost into the next decade here, so leave that old style behind and give the kids the master.

Bedrooms should be cozy IMO; especially for adults who don't play with toys in them. Better for heating costs, better for decorating, better for space planning.

(Big bathtub and off the bedroom are still cool and useful IMO. I think an up and coming thing will be the "dressing room" between the smaller bedroom and a nice but not huge bathroom (so the shower still warms the whole room) in lieu of a giant master bedroom with a giant wall of closets. I also predict an upswing in "sitting rooms" for each of the grownups of the house, but we'll probably call them "home offices" or "craft rooms".)
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I would and we did. We have two kids in a two bedroom apartment. One is a large bedroom the other is a shoebox. When it was just us and DS1 he had the smaller bedroom. But when DS2 showed up and hit about 1.5 we switched rooms and moved them in together. As a teen I had the "master bedroom" in our house as well, my mother prefered to have the room on the back of the house instead of facing the street and it gave me more space during a time where having a spot of my own was probably pretty important.

I don't want or need a gigantic bedroom. So long as there is room for our bed, clothes and some books I'm ok with it. I have the rest of the place to spread my stuff into. I'm not even sure what I would do with some of the space I've seen in people's master bedroom suites. Many of the huge bedrooms I've seen are just wasted space or used for storage. Outside of on TV or in magazines I'm not sure I've ever really seen anyone use it for anything. A private bathroom I think I could get used to though.

The bathroom is the only real issue I can think of.
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Well, I probably wouldn't do it now. I don't think it is a bad idea in future.
It seems like it would be easier to just keep things as they are and keep the baby with you. I would decide when the baby is a year old who shares and where.

I shared a bedroom with my sister most of the time growing up. No big deal.

I have changed rooms with my dd but the rooms were the same size and no bathroom involved. No furniture giving up.
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My kids share a room (we have 2 and a 3 bedroom house). They each need their private space (well my 6 yr old more than the 3 yo). So we kept 6yo's clothes in the now-guest room when we moved them in together. 6 yo plays in her closet when she wants alone time (by her design, not by my suggestion).

When we first moved them in together we made a hands off area for dd1 on the top of her dresser. That was a safe spot where dd1 could keep her creations and dd2 wasn't allowed to touch. Somewhere along the way dd2 adopted this idea and her dresser top is her special spot. I've been reprimanded by both kids for thinking about touching stuff on top of the dressers.... and in turn I ask them to keep hands off my own jewelry box (also on top of my dresser).
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
6 yo plays in her closet when she wants alone time (by her design, not by my suggestion).
My dd plays in her closet too. She has turned it into a doll nursery.
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THanks so much for all the input/ideas! Our plan as it stands now: keep the baby in our room in a pack n play for awhile (how long depends on the baby), then move him/her into my oldest dd's bedroom (her room is the largest of the 3 kids' rooms). She isn't bothered by sharing, and is excited about the idea of having the baby in with her. We're going to rearrange furniture, take her computer out of her room and put it on the upstairs landing, as well as her bookcases- so we'll sort of have a kid office on the landing- to make more room in her bedroom for a crib and dresser for the baby. Younger DD will keep her own room, and so will DS. If the baby is a boy, we'll probably eventually move him to DS's room, when oldest DD is ready for some privacy. Younger DD liked the idea of sharing the big bedroom with her sister, but was really upset at the idea of giving up her room. She's my happy go-lucky kiddo, and to have her just sob at the idea of losing her room was really disturbing. So hopefully this will be a good compromise for everyone, for now. I'm not opposed to moving kids into our room at some point, and taking a smaller bedroom, but it looks like we won't have to do it now. Our furniture really won't fit and I'll have to convince DH to sell our furniture and downsize a bit first.
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kicked myself into gear today. i had been thinking of doing this for a while but had no motivation. we'll see how it goes! The bedroom looks SOOO much better as the kids room. It looks full and lively with all of their things in there and my new room looks cozy and adult now. i didn't even repaint or buy anything new! it was simply the rearrangement of stuff. amazingly now i also have a TOTALLY empty bedroom that really shows how much space was wasted in the master bedroom!
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Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post

I would have the two older girls share the bigger of the other 3 rooms. I'd keep the master bedroom for you and dh.

I agree.
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I only read the first page of replies so I hope I'm not repeating something that's been said here. Anyway, I think if it works for you for the two girls to share the master, that makes sense. What I would wonder about is whether you're going to have enough space with that much furniture in a smaller room--whether you'll feel cramped or relaxed, know what I mean? Do you need the dresser in your room? Could it live somewhere else (in the girls' room, holding things like linens or your out-of-season stuff), or do you really need that storage in your bedroom?
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I would definitely not give up the king sized bed, especially since my DH is so attached to it. When the girls are piled in it, I can actually sleep without knee in my back.

It sounds like your Dh likes his bed too and I would take that into consideration. Would it be possible to carve a small room out of the master which could be like a small bedroom or office? THe baby could stay there for years
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I think the plan makes a lot of sense. I never understood what two adults with no toys need a huge bedroom for. I wish we could do something similar. Dd's bedroom is tiny and we really have to limit her belongings to make it work. and our room is huge. It is such a waste. But dd's room is so tiny, you cannot get a double bed in it, so switching is not going to work. And ours does not have a bathroom either. It is just big.
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I babysat for a family that did this and I thought that was a smart idea! They had 2br/2ba and the smaller room was not big enough for 2 kids and toys, books, etc. They moved their girls into the master which was right next door. They had soooo much room to play in, it was great!

I think it is a good idea considering how much time kids spend in their rooms.

Good luck with the new baby!
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