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Doulas in the harrisburg AREA

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Good Morning:

I am trying to put a list of doulas together for my friend. She will be delivering at Harrisburg Hospital...I tried and tried to get her to birthcare but I think she is a bit fearful of the unknown.

BUT after a lot of reading she has determined to keep her birth the way she wants it she needs a doula. Any reccomendations would be awesome. I have one reccomendation so far, but would like some more as we all know how personal of a relationship a doula must have and all personalities are different.

thanks so much for your help
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peaceful beginnings doula service is in redding. I'm not sure how far that is from H'burg. www.peacefulbeginningsdoula.com
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I found a bunch on Dona...I just wanted to know if anyone had personal reccomendations.

Thanks for all your help
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I used Carrie Zimmers-Naef - happybellies@comcast.net 717-796-3132. She was great during the birth!
Harrisburg Hospital also has their own doulas if she is concerned about going "outside the box" for a doula.
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I'm not sure if Maureen Travato (sp?) is still doula-ing, but she is excellent. She was there for my second and third births.
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thanks I will pass that on
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