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Angus for a boy, but dh would never agree.
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I LOVE Juniper for a girl. Also Azalea (however you'd spell it) and Acacia.
Alas, we're having a boy.

I do like Osiris, though...hmmm...

I think the "wierdest" boy names that I like are Darius and Darien.
I haven't mentioned this to dp, but I'm also debating on Oisin (pronounced Osh-een). But I'm not sure I want a name that isn't pronounced the way it looks (in the US/Canada).
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Becky, i also love Oisin, and Irish names in general (I'm an Irish Pagan) but I too am trying to avoid the obnoxious Irish spellings and sticking with the English ones. My husband's name unanglicized is Caoimhin and my baby (if you can pronounce this you now know her name ) is Aibhlinn.
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The name we've chosen for this baby is Denis Quinlan. Very Irish, not too unusual though. Our other kids' names aren't that unusual, except for maybe my first daughter... she's Titania Nyssa-Luna. Titania is pronounced Tih-tah-KNEE-uh. She goes by Tani, like the color Tawny.

I think my favorite girls names is Quintessa, which we were going to name our last daughter, but all I got from my family was how much of a poodle name that was... hence, her nickname Poodle. But we ended up naming her Patricia Jean, for my FIL and my mom.

For boys...ugh. I hate most boys names, though I do love Irish ones. So I guess Finley, Callum, and Qade.

We also have strict rules about naming our kids. No child can have the initial of another child. So C, A, T, N, L, K, I, S, B, P, and J are out. We also have to like both of the names on their own, because when I'm disciplining one of the kids, they know I'm serious because I use their middle name only. They have to sound good being yelled down the street to come home for dinner too. Okay, stupid rules, but they're ours.
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I have a dd named Lily (Lilith), which prevents me from realistically choosing most of the girl names I really love - Rose, Daisy, Daphne, Iris, Ivy, Apple, Lula, Lulu, and Loli.

Oh, and I basically hate most boys names, especially French boys names which mostly sound like American girl names to me and we HAVE to choose a French name for this baby (long story). Wish me luck!
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I LOVE the name Cross. DF could probably be coerced into liking it lol.
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Unusual boy names I liked that were vetoed:

Llewelyn (prn: Lou-ellen)
Lilloet (prn: Lil-oo-et)

Unusual girl names I liked that were vetoed:

Aoife (prn: Ee-feh)
Saiorse (prn: Sor-sha)
Siobhan (prn. Sheh-vohn)
Rhiannon (prn. Ree-an-on)
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I like Llewelyn too, but once I heard the proper Welsh pronunciation and realized how far off everyone would be it was out. I don't think English has a sound like the Welsh Ll.
Another unusual boy names I like and won't be using is Aneiran.

I like a lot of the Irish names, especially Soirse and Oisin, and a number of french girls names too, but the pronunciations just wouldn't work. For example Eliane is lovely in French and sounds like Alien in English.

A few other sort or out there names I like are Sunny, Juniper, Django, Terra, Gaia

I really like unusual names, and just realized any of the ones on my list are disqualified for reasons other than being wierd.
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Originally Posted by beachcomber View Post
Saiorse (prn: Sor-sha)
OMG I'm in Love!!!!
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Originally Posted by liss_420 View Post
dale is my dh's middle name, but i can't stand it, so we are in negotiations about marley; i think it's becoming more and more of a possibility. i want our kids to have their own names, and not to have the same names as anyone else in the family.
I felt the same way before I had DS.. but I wanted the name Sebastian for him SOOOOO much, I told DH he could pick the middle name, which is also his middle name, Dee. A compromise well worth it! But, generally, I am not a fan of naming after other family members.


I think the weirdest names on my list are:



I'd probably never use any of them, and this little one is probably going to be Oliver
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We also were pretty close to naming this one Calem (pronounced Cay-lem)
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Originally Posted by Shy0717 View Post
We also were pretty close to naming this one Calem (pronounced Cay-lem)
I have a friend who named her son Kaylum
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
I have a friend who named her son Kaylum
I like Calem too
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I tend to pretty normal boy names, but for girls I admit to liking Genesis and Jezebel.

On a side, I was almost given Juniper as a middle name after the Donovan song. To make it even better if I had stayed with my boyfriend in high school, we would have been John Lennon and Jennifer Juniper. Can't get much more : than that...
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
I really like all your girl names! Don't know if I'd have the guts to use them, but they are beautiful
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I guess my fav unusual (for the U.S. anyway....) girl's name is Astrid. We came close to using it as a second middle name for this baby.....but went with another name instead.

Our baby's name will be Grace Elizabeth Maile L. The Maile is after the maile tree which grows in Hawaii and also after a second cousin who died of cancer last year, as a way to honor her.
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I REALLY love Gideon for a boy, but we have a Gabriel and we're trying not to reuse first letters of names. DH doesn't like it anyway. He likes Nehemiah, but I don't.
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here are a few of mine

granite (my favorite but it would clash with our last name )

we don't have a name or know the sex... (week 30 )

we're off to HI on sunday maybe we will get some inspiration from the Hawaiian culture, we love Hawaiian names. (we already have a Malia)
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I love Astrid !!! My kids names, and the names I think we may use for this baby, are all more common in other countries. I lik it that way, because then i feel like their names are different without being too far out there- if someone comments abotu the name being unusual, n a negative tone, i jsut say, "Oh, it's more common in ( Such and such)."
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I like Carys (rhymes with Paris) which is not in the top 100.

We're naming this babe Dempsey Pearl, which Dempsey has def. gotten some weird looks!
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