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My big kid likes:

corn on the cob

broccoli (steamed)

Spinach (wilted with diced tomatoes and onions yum!)

salad greens with o&v

carrots (raw - cause I dislike them cooked)

green beans, black beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas, kidney beans, garbanzo beans.... any kind of bean you got he'll eat, boiled, baked, pureed, sauteed, fried or refried.

kale (in soup mostly)

potato (of the sweet and regular variety, baked or fried or mashed)

yellow squash (sauteed in olive oil OR coated in corn meal and fried)

Eggplant (baked or in lasagna)

zucchini (sauteed in olive oil)

broccoli (any form)

tomatoes (in all cooked forms, but mostly he just eats them straight)

green peppers (mixed into dishes)

mushrooms (mixed into dishes)

cucumbers (raw and cooked)

That's all I can think of offhand.
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corn--on cob or frozen (literally, like right out of the freezer); also in soups and chili, sometimes steamed
peas--fresh from the garden (snap), raw snow peas, frozen (right out of the freezer!), or steamed
green beans--fresh steamed or frozen steamed
zucchini/yellow squash/patty pans--steamed, or in soup, or on focaccia
swiss chard--in quiche, frittata, or torte (they won't eat it in soup!)
spinach--in ravioli or lasagna
carrots--steamed or raw, in soup
celery--in soup (one boy likes 1 piece raw on occasion)
leeks--in soup
onions--raw on burgers, in soup, chili, meatloaf, you name it!
potatoes--one boy allergic, the other likes roasted, mashed, or french fried
sweet potatoes--neither will eat anymore, they both loved to about age 3!
tomatoes--pizza or pasta sauce only. Neither will eat them raw (but potato-allergic boy used to get a rash from all tomato products too)
broccoli--steamed or raw

1 will eat cauliflower, 1 will eat asparagus

They also both love beans ds9 prefers pintos, ds6 red kidneys. Sometimes I put both in chili to avoid arguments
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My baby is one and she eats any vegetable that I have given her thus far, except she does not seem to like potatoes much. She loves frozen peas! Bits of zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, I don't know what else...
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My picky eater loves broccoli, carrots, green beans, greens and corn now at age 5. There were years when he didn't let veggies pass his lips tho.
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sprouts are a big hit around here, mostly smaller salad type sprouts: alfalfa, clover, broccoli... DS usually likes them as is but I also add about 1/4 cup to his fruit smoothies. yogut-blueberry-sprout-ground flax seed is a fairly typical morning smoothie. I started doing this young enough, he doesn't think it's strange.
Spinach works well like this, too... a small handful of raw spinach. Kale and more fiborus greens didn't blend enough to his liking. He's not picky about taste as much as texture
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My dd (7) LOVES bell peppers, raw! The red and yellow are especially sweet.

Also, if you want to introduce cauliflower, try a mash. Its exactly like mashed potatoes!

Rhubarb crisp? I know its sugary but its DELICIOUS.

I would work on letting them pick out stuff for salads, thats how dd discovered she loved the basic salad stuff (cuke, bell pep, romaine).

Maybe have lo shell peas? its so fun and they are so good fresh!
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Originally Posted by katiesk View Post
She loves frozen peas!
My 7 yr old LOVES frozen veges too! She literally eats bags of frozen green beans, corn and peas. Its hilarious!!!!!
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Originally Posted by LilyGrace View Post
We gave up with 'kid-friendly'. Basically, if it sounds good, we cook it.
Us, too. We make a pretty big range of things. They aren't big on raw onions or green peppers, but neither are DH and I. The 2 yo is skeptical of everything green (including jellybeans ) but I serve them anyway. He's still at the age where I can't reason with him or explain why he should try things. Sometimes I'll mix the green item in with the starch item, and that will work occasionally.
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I DO have a picky eater, but this is what he'll eat -

carrots & celery - raw only. He will sometimes ask for some PB on the celery.
Okra - he really likes fried but will also eat roasted
Sweet potato fries
broccoli - steamed w/ a little butter
corn on the cob
edamame (cold)
mashed potatoes
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DD loves beets in any form, green beans also in any form, broccoli, peas, corn, asparagus, roasted cauliflower, mashed potatoes or in fry form, sweet potatoes mainly roasted, I know tomatoes are a fruit but..., cukes, zucchini, crookneck squash, cabbage, lima beans... DH and I are big veggie eaters so by example so is she. I have noticed that if you roast it with some olive oil, salt and pepper, most kids will eat it. Beets, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus are wonderful that way. I also do sweet potatoes that was but with a spice rub on them.
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Until recently he ate corn and sweet potato fries or baked sweet potato. That's it. We've just kept putting veggies in front of him and he is finally starting to actuallly try new things. He has decided that broccoli is his new favorite. He'll eat raw carrots. I'm hopeful that a new growing season with a variety of veggies from the farm to pick out at the farmers market will entice him to broaden his veggie horizons!
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DS enjoys corn (on or off the cob), broccoli, peas, carrots (raw or cooked), green beans (french and fresh cut), black beans, and black-eyed peas.
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So my all-time favorite way to "sneak" nutritious vegetables into a meal is via eggs for breakfast. I nearly puree spinach in a food processor and mix it into some eggs, add some tomato juice and some cheese and scramble it up. Call it "Green Eggs" (Dr. Seuss, of course), and it becomes very appealing to children. DS and I enjoy this frittata-ish breakfast nearly every day.
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If it's cooked with a meat dish (pot roast, chicken) OR covered in a sauce (marinara, sesame, etc), then DD will usually eat it! :

Raw/plain veggies are not a big hit with her (DH is the same way)!
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