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Poll Results: how much debt do you have?

  • 26% (113)
  • 10% (46)
  • 18% (77)
    $5,000- $15,000
  • 26% (114)
    $15,000- $50,000
  • 11% (48)
    $50,000 to $150,000
  • 6% (26)
    $150,000 +
424 Total Votes  
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Excluding mortgage ($50,000), we have $40,000 in student loan debt (two undergraduates, and two graduate degrees in progress). We don't have any other debt. Our mortgage payment is so much less than renting in our area that we are able to pay a good bit towards principle monthly. Student loans, meh, I'm not happy about it, but to us it is worth it.
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We owe about $3K on our credit cards. That's everything.

We were completely debt free until we lost our baby. We went a little overboard that Christmas, trying to just force Christmas spirit into place (buying gifts, decorations, eating out and take out, renting comedies, etc. etc.). Our tv also blew up, and we felt it necessary to get a new one, and spent too much. Ordinarily, I'd have just left it, but we really felt like we needed the tv (the movie "Elf" saved that Christmas). Then, dh needed a new bike (he cycle commutes to work).

We're working on it, but I decided to go ahead and attend the ICAN conference, so we're not making the strides we should be. We intend to have it paid off by the end of July. I hate carrying debt.
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I checked $150,000+ but it's our mortgage. We don't have any other debt.
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no mortgage here (yet)

we have about 50k in student loans (ungrad and mba)

we will be needing a car in the near future.
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None. But then again, we don't have much in savings or stuff either... we live with my dad, and DH is going to school for paramedic/firefighter while we both job-hunt...
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Our mortgage is about $60 0000 and we have about $3000 left on the car. No cc or student loan debt left though.
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I voted for $50-150,000, because I'm including the mortgage. We owe about $30K on our first house (which we hope to finally sell in the next couple yrs to the couple who is currently house-sitting), and $47K on the house we live in- so $77K in mortgage debt.

If I left out the mortgage debt, then our consumer debt is "just" $14K on the vehicle we bought today. We paid off our student loans and credit card debt a few months ago, but now it feels like we are back at square one, since the debt we acquired today is about the same amount as what we worked so hard to pay off last year.
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I checked $15,000- $50,000 , that's all car debt. Student loans are paid off, no credit card debt, we do have a mortgage though.
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wow. reading your number makes me depressed lol.

combined we have around 100k with NO mortgage:

~60k in student loans
~20k left on car
~15k in credit card and medical debt

on one income with a husband who has poor spending/saving habits, i'll probably be in debt for the rest of my life unless i declare bankruptcy (90% of the debt is in my name because of DH's poor credit. that wont' get rid of the student loans though)
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Excluding mortage we have a few thousand to pay off on a home equity loan for new flooring a few years ago.
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No debt, no mortgage.

Though, I view our lack of savings as a sort of debt.
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About 32k. That includes my student loans and DP's CC debt. I had an additional 1600 in CC debt, but I paid that off recently.
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We do have a large mortgage, though.
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I'm not including our home.

CC we have 7K, we just paid 2k :.

Window Loan we have 2k.

Student Loan we have 7k

So a total of 16k. We will have the window load paid in full by the end of summer. We will have the cc under 5k by the end of summer aswell.

We don't need to start payment on the student loan until summer but have already been paying double payments on it since December and have paid 2k off on it.

We plan/hope to be debt free within 14mo
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I checked 5,000 to 15,000 but in reality it may be more....

car apx 8,000 not sure.. I have 40 payments left
cc 4,000

I say it may be more because we don't really have a savings and I haven't run credit reports... I am scared to do that before my cc's are paid off. But also if I get a "suprise" in the mail I do pay it as we go. We are just starting pre baby step 1 of dave Ramsey's method.

I sure hope we never again do a 72 month car loan!!! In my house that is now called Greed with a capital G!
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We have none. Two years ago we had 25k in student loans, but that's it.
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Originally Posted by newbymom05 View Post
So there is hope for the indebted!
thanks for this!!!

it's interesting to me how the two most common categories are none or 50,000 to 150,000 like, we're either free and clear or pretty far from it.

thanks so much for sharing this folks, it's really interesting to see how it adds up for different families.
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As of tomorrow, we will have no consumer debt. I am paying off our only credit card balance of $3K using our tax refund. Other than that we have no other debt except our mortgage which is over $100K.
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We've just rolled everything together, so all our debt is the mortgage. We did our math this morning, and we've broken the $125k barrier. :
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Have $40k left to pay on the mortgage and no other debt.
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