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i never got to labor at sb due to pre-e. that being said, i still had a great birth experience. my nurse kristen was AMAZING SHe helped me sit up during labor and got me a birthing ball and a mirror when dd was crowning. i had to be monitored but they were cool about me accidently bumping the fetal moniters off, oops.
they didn't push anything on me like checks or drugs or what have you. i told them do ask me if i wanted anything and they were totally ok with that! i lied a lil in my sig, they had to give me pit bc i was a mth early. but i've been to sb for ob n gyn concerns and they are great in n out of the hospital.
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The water "therapy" and cytotec is for all of st. joes... not just the WHA. That was one of the reasons Kathy stopped practicing there.
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I know Bay Area Midwifery gets mixed reviews but I just wanted to chime in that I had a great experience delivering with them last summer. I was a VBAC and had to deliver at AAMC in the hospital but Jen one of the Midwives at Bay Area did the delivery and everything went great.

She was very supportive of all my wishes, gave me plenty of time and freedom, etc. and didn't bat an eye when I went against hospital protocol.

They do have a nice birth center on the campus of AAMC and do water births.
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