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Seattle Parenting evaluator and treatment center questions...  

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Hello Mamas,
I am hesitant to post this here because this is such a sensitive subject. But I need information, and Im not sure where else to get it.
My daughters father and I are going back to court to modify our parenting plan. It is likely that we will need a parenting evaluator. I have a few names of parenting evaluators and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of them? There names are: Jennifer Keilin, Margo Waldrup, and Jody Nathan. Also, if anyone has had a positive experience with someone else I would love a recommendation.
My other question concerns treatment centers. My daughters father has had some recent drug use and it is likely we (my attorney and I) are going to ask that he be evaluated somewhere and hopefully receive (outpatient?) treatment somewhere. Has anyone had a positive experience (or know anyone who has) anywhere? I could really use some recommendations on this too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance.
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Hi this is being moved to the Tribal areas.

Please take time to review the practitioners guidelines
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I do not know what to do.  I was not smart and hired an inexpensive divorce lawyer thinking I had truth on my side.  I am now 100% reliant on Pam Edgar to do our parenting evaluation. Let me add she was hand-picked by my ex-husband’s expensive vicious lawyer and it is scary how much power she will have.  What is she looking for?  I have been an amazing mother, not a very nice wife, and am now fighting for my kids when the commissioner even said he thought I was a good mother but wanted this evaluation because my ex wanted it and said he would pay 100% of the cost.  I have piles of emails, pictures, documentation that was never presented in court and I cannot decide to focus on that or focus on talking about my kids?  I appreciate any advice I feel so helpless through all of this.

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Hi....Ladies I'm a Mama of a beautiful 3 year old little boy.  I went through the pregnancy alone after fleeing a terrible relationship.  My son's father went back to his ex girlfriend and moved to San Fran.  In the mean time I went through a high risk pregnancy alone.  Happily alone with my unborn child.  We made it through moving to Costa Rica and back before nestling into a comfortable apartment on 23rd and Madison.  The day before I gave birth to my wonderful son I rode the bus to UW and was turned away false alarm.  Later that night my water broke.  I didn't have a car and was alone so I called a taxi and had to convience them to come get me.  Seventeen hours later I gave birth to my best friend.  Meanwhile his father was in the mist of a miserable situation while out of town his girlfriend aborted his baby.  This caused stress on their relationship. 


When my son was 8 weeks old I contacted his father via email.  Told him how we were doing, sent him and picture.  In a sense, I was extending the olive branch.  He responded very coldly and asked for a paternity test.  I got scarred of a possible battle over my little little precious child, I did not respond.


Three months later my son's father's sister-in-law contacted me and we started a friendship.  Next thing you know my son's father contacted me.  He was super sweet, concerned, and wanted to take Ces and I to dinner.  He came up from San Fran and took us to dinner when my son was 6 months old. 


The next week he left his girlfriend and moved up to Seattle and pursued a relationship with me.  Though I had a bad past with him I was willing to try out of the hope of making a bigger family for my son.


Within two months my son's father had returned to the guy I had left while pregnant.  He was overbearing, controlling, and manipulative. 


He moved into his own apartment and demanded visiation.  I was still breast feeding and his father had no experience parenting,  I offered Tues and Thursday from 3-5. He accepted. 


Two months later he started to date a lady a couple years old with no children. Though I would not be aware of her involvement for another 6 months.


At this point things start to get ugly.  Cesar's father wanted me to discontinue breast feeding so my son could spend more time with him. 


Pushing over nights.


Finally, about a year later I'm served with court documents.  He is proposing that the courts take my son from me and give him sole discussing making and limit my visitation to every other weekend.


In court the judge is like what's the problem and my son's father's lawyer began an attack on the core of my character.  I'm a preschool teacher, educated, well liked.  My son's father's lawyer propose a parent evalutation, AND THE WILL PAY FOR IT

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I am meeting with Pam Edgar tomorrow. Do you have any suggestions? I have a similar story of an absentee father making false allegations and now I may lose my sons too. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I am just in the process of hiring a divorce lawyer.  You mention you hired an inexpensive attorney.  Who did you hire?!  Are you worried she is not competant?

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One option is to hire a GAL instead of a PE. 

Good luck ladies with your court cases :)

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I've removed a number of posts that contained negative reviews. Please refer to the Forum Guidelines when posting about practitioners. We do not wish to host negative remarks or comments about practitioners, practices, hospitals or healthcare centers that might cast them in a negative light and which would present liability concerns for you and for Mothering.

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I've closed this thread as the original post is from a few years back and the original poster has likely already received the information requested in the original post.

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