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Feeling sad

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i had my last post-natal with my midfwife today. she has been my midwife throughout my last 3 pregnancies and births, i have known her for years. feeling sad now
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yeah...i know this feeling. My MW called yesterday to make an appointment for ours. I got emotional and sad just thinking about it all being over. It's hard because its a special time and we are all so hormonal so that doesnt' help it much. is this your last baby? DS is our last..and also our MW has stopped practicing (we were her second to last birth) and actually, she is pretty emotional about it too. She'll probably go back but right now she is working on another project while she puts her 3 kids through college.

But yeah, how come it's so hard to let this time go? My theory is that when new babies come into our life, we are in another state emotionally (sometimes I feel like I am in the twilight zone). And, as time goes on we move away from this state and, at least for me, my memories of the birth kinda fade a bit - i think b/c i was in a different state emotionally at the birth than I am now (again, those damn hormones!). It's not like i forget the details but I forget the feeling. I know that I felt amazing those frist 2 days after he was born, but i can't really remember just what that felt like. It's so strange. i get really worked up about it sometimes. It's hard.

so...hugs to you too mama! I'm with ya!
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