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your bi-racial children...a question?

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I have 4 biracial children......my first husband was AA..I have a question for ya.....do your children have the same skin tone? My son is very light with soft curls and my daughter is much darker with coarse curly hair.
I'm wondering if any other mama's have children so different..yet from the same father?
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My sister and I are biracial and don't really look a thing a alike. We have the same hair color and that is it! You can tell we are both mixed, but otherwise...She has very thick kinky hair, hazel eyes, and darker skin. I have fine ringlets, dark eyes, and paler skin. We have two half sisters (we all have the same father, differnt mothers) and they don't look like us or each other. One has very dark kinky hair, dark eyes, and dark skin, while the other has red ringlets, hazel eyes, and pale skin.

My sons look different. My oldest is golden with hazel eyes and ash blond hair, while my baby is pale with dark eyes and is a tow head. You would never guess looking at them that they were part black. Genetics is fascinating!
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Is hispanic a race? I know that was probably a dumb question!

DD1 is 50% Puerto Rican and then Italian, french, Russian. She is very light in skin tone, her father is 100% PR but is lighter than me. DD is tanning quite nicely already though.

DD2 is on the way. Her father is 100% PR as well and is very dark. Most people mistake him to be AA. I am really anxious to see this baby and see if she is dark or not.
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Originally Posted by NaturalMindedMomma View Post
Is hispanic a race? I know that was probably a dumb question!
No. Hispanic is not a race, it's an ethnicity.

NaturalMindedMomma (btw, congrats on the new baby):
(wiki -perhaps not the most accurate, but as a general reference it's OK)

**Puerto Ricans, who also commonly refer to themselves as "boricuas," are largely the descendants of Europeans, Taíno Indians, Africans or a blend of these groups which has produced a very diversified population. **
Therefore, even though both of your children are 1/2 Puerto Rican, their racial makeup/racial ancestry may actually be different from each other.

Also, whatever genes show up in one's physical appearance may not align with one's racial makeup, especially when one's "mixed" (race or ethnicity).
This last part is also applicable to the OP's question.
Kids who share the same parents can have different skin tone/hair color/hair type/etc. from one another.
It happens in lots of families, not just with biracial couples.
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My oldest has a darker complexion and coarser hair than the other two. He looks most like his Ethiopian father, just a few shades lighters. However, the younger ones are both getting a little darker and coarser hair as they grow, so maybe they'll grow into looking more like him.

*I* can see a big difference, but people are always asking if my older two are twins (they are two years apart ).

My last son came out looking Asian, and we have no Asian at all in our genetics. He stayed that way for about 6 months, and then started darkening up and his hair got curlier.
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I am biracial and my siblings are darker than I am. I am the 'white person' compared to them. I also have brown hair. They are more tan w/ black hair.

My father siblings are biracial (same as me, but he is not, he had different father). There are 7 of them and they range in different colors also, Some look like a different race.

And my DD is darker than DS.
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Me and my 3 sibling's dad is AA - you can tell we're related by bone structure, but DEF not by coloring - brother is super light skinned w/ straight wavy dark hair and hazel eyes. One sister is quite dark tan complected w/very course black hair but you wouldn't guess half black, probably pacific islander. Other sister and I have more similar complexions - look lighter tan and have finer curly hair. Some people are absolutely shocked I'm half black, thinking I'm hispanic, or just plain white, but some right away guess it - its always funny
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My husband is HK Chinese & I'm Euro-American.

My kids have basically the same skin tone, but DD tends to get more freckles & DS tends to sunburn more easily. DD's hair tends to get reddish streaks in the sun; not so DS.

re: kids w/ same father & different looks. Happens in all families - regardless of ethnicity.

My dad is an Ashkenazi Jew who looks very "Mediterranean" - dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin. My mom is mostly German-American (red hair; brown eyes, skin that only burns or freckles in the sun). 2 of my sibs look very much like him. I look like a cross between my dad & my mom; another sib looks a LOT like one of our maternal aunts - blonde hair & blue eyes.

My DH is HK Chinese as are both his parents. He takes after his mom in looks & personality; his younger brother is much more similar to his dad.
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My ds is still pretty young so I don't really know how much different his hair and skin color will be from his sis. However, I can speak for dh and his sister. They have the same parents and are about 1.5 years apart. Their mom is a bit over half native american and the rest white and thier dad is full mexican. Dh's sis has about the same skin color that I do (I'm white. You can compare my skin tone to dh's in the pic of us in my sig) and dark brown, soft, straight hair. Dh has a more typical mexican skin tone and black, coarse, very curly hair. You wouldn't guess they were related if they were standing side by side.

My brother and I (although both parents are prodominatly white european) look nothing alike aside from having almost the same skin tone. My brother was a toe head whos hair eventually turned brown and is stick straight while I was born with black hair that eventually turned brown and is unevenly wavy. He is 6'1 and naturally thin while I'm 5'7 and have to diet to keep my BMI reasonable, he has a very thin face average set eyes, slim nose, and pointed chin while I have a full face with chubby cheeks, wide set eyes, a stubborn fat chin, and stubby nose. Now explain to me why I got the bottom of the barrel genetics!?

all traits aren't exactly a "blend". Basically you're just rolling the dice for each characteristic on an indivual basis with each child.
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Most families don't necessarily look alike, so I can't say I am surprised. My cousin and her husband have three and none of them look alike and they aren't biracial, so anything can happen. I find that whoever shows up, shows up. My dd looks nothing like the baby that I dreamed about.
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It'll be interesting to find out. I'm expecting fraternal girl twins (I'm due May 5th! eek!) with my Korean partner (I'm white).

I'm incredibly curious to see who they take after, or if one is more like me/more like him. In my neighborhood, there are lots of asian/white families, and every child is different (of course). Even in families with two children, one can look obviously asian, while the other seems to be white with blondish hair. Yeah, I can't wait. I know they'll be beautiful no matter what.
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Originally Posted by Mamato3wild ponnie View Post
I have 4 biracial children......my first husband was AA..I have a question for ya.....do your children have the same skin tone? My son is very light with soft curls and my daughter is much darker with coarse curly hair.
I'm wondering if any other mama's have children so different..yet from the same father?
Yes! My oldest is very pale with blond hair and blue eyes, my middle is a light olive with curly brown hair and brown eyes, and my youngest is like me a darker olive with dark brown eyes and hair. Here's pic. And yes they are all from me and the same father which people seem to find hard to believe The funny thing is my DH isn't all that fair. Our eldest actually looks like my pale blond hair blue eyed mother.

We are also expecting girl twins which they say are fraternal and we are really wondering what they are going to look like.
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I was thinking about this thread last night and staring at my kids.

The only thing my oldest has from me is my eyes. With dh's and my combination, ds1 looks classically northern Ethiopian (dh is from the south). He's noticably darker than the younger two. The younger two have lighter skin and softer hair, but Ethiopian facial features (they got dh's eyes, and I'm jealous! ), so they are more obviously biracial.
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According to everyone, my brother looks very Korean and I look very... not Korean. But my brother and I also look so alike that we've had people ask us if we were twins before (identical twins, no less... um, he's a boy and I'm a girl?). When I have short hair, we can almost pass for each other, although he's skinnier and taller than I am.

It's weird, huh? Moreover, my eyes look more like my mom's than his do (she's the Korean parent), and his nose looks more like my dad's (he's the white parent). But my brother has the more typical epicanthal fold, while my mom and I don't.
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My kids are mixed Asian/Caucasian. They both look mixed but my DS favors his Caucasian father's features, whereas DD favors my Asian side.
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My kids take their hair color each from one parent, but skintone wise both are closer to me and not too terribly far from one another. My son got his father's eyes; it looks like my daughter will have mine.
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My two bio boys are very different. I am bi-racial, and so is their father. We are both from black mothers and white fathers. I am not dark, but definitely not white. My skin is a creamy caramel color. My older boy is darker than me, with my kinky hair and dark eyes. My little one is white, white, white, with curly dirty blond hair and blue/grey eyes. Believe me, I was shocked to have the little one. I just expected to have another dark, "mixed looking" baby, since my older one was. Boy was I off. He does look like me in his face shape, but only if you look for it, IMHO.

To be perfectly honest, I'm excited to have more babies to see what other traits my eggs can create I love having a rainbow of babies.
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It's normal. My siblings and I (four of us are biracial) range in skin tone and hair. For example, I am a light caramel color while my younger brother is a darker caramel color. My hair is slightly less coarse than his. It all really depends on the genetics that are getting passed to one child and the other.

I bet they are beautiful nonetheless though =D
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Oh, we only have two, and we have similar skin darknesses, but they are different tones. I am olive-skinned and DH is rose-toned. DD#1 follows DH, and this new one follows me. My sister and I are totally different and my sister looks like neither our dad nor our mom, and I look like my mom.

TOTALLY normal.
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I wish I had all 3 kids pics in my siggy. I should look and see what I have right now lol

my older two look a lot alike, similar hair texture and coarseness. The new baby, from what I can tell right now (5 months) is going to have softer, less curly hair but a similar skin tone and similar eyes. He looks more like me than the other two.

My friend said she saw in People mag twins from a white mom, AA dad, one was white and the other black. I didnt' see the pic but she said they looked alike other than that fact! lol
anyone see it? Is there a pic online? I'm curious.
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