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how did you relocate?

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Hey everyone,
We have decided to move to Raleigh. We currently live in PA and I was wondering how you all moved down, did you just get a U-Haul, or a POD, or moving co? next, did you rent, stay in long term hotel, or buy immediately.
We want to live in the AB Combs school district, we like being in town. Do any of you live in that area? Do you know of any rentals? That seems like a nice safe area right?

A little bout me.. I am an art teacher, gardener, eco-friendly,bluegrass- loving mom of two. A 5 ½ dd and 11mo ds. My husband works for Version Wireless and will be transferred. I applied to a private school, and to Wake County Schools. (I know they are on a hiring freeze).

I am excited and sad to move. I hope to make some new friends soon.

Thanks for any help
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Well. I'm just going to have to meet you when you get here! I'm a bluegrass loving, want to be an art teacher when I'm done SAH, mom of 2. We just relocated from St. Louis. When are you moving? We had a moving company do everything since I'd just given birth, and DH's company was paying for it. It was insane. We're renting for now. We love it so far!
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awesome, we will be down in july i think. we want to be in nw area of town behind nc state.
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Um I don't have an answer to your question. But I have to say that I am a mother of a daughter named Aminah, and we are in Pa and we are considering moving to Raleigh, and I just came on here to ask questions, and saw your post and found you doing the same thing with (I'm assuming) a dd named Amina!
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When I moved down from NY a few years back, we left most all of our things accept a car full, wound up living in a motel for 2 months while we closed on our house that we bought immediately after arriving.
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Well I live in Fayetteville about 40 miles from Raleigh. When I moved here 2 years ago from Michigan I hopped online & found a rental ahead of time, paid the deposit, etc.

Then I rented a U-haul & df got a friend to come drive it down while I drove the car(loaded with animals & kids) here.

I'm not sure about Raleigh, I know this area is full of month to month rentals because of being a military town, so it's much easier to relocate after you get here & find a place you want.

HTH a little anyway. U-haul from MI to NC was almost 1k also btw, but they were cheaper than any of the other rental trucks.
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We moved here 6 years ago from California. We paid for the move ourselves but used a real moving company. We had our car shipped also and we flew with our cats. DD wasn't born yet.

We rented a house in Cary at first because it was located mid-Triangle, close enough to RTP if I had to go into the office (I telecommute but my company has a large office in RTP), and we didn't know if DH would be working or not. We knew it was not where we wanted to stay; we just weren't a good fit for Cary.

We bought our house in Chapel Hill/Chatham County 16 months ago and I am glad we waited. We knew the area where we wanted to live for sure by then. The irony is that even after all that time, we ended up in the same area (within a mile) of a house we almost bought when we first moved here. So, I guess our first impression/decision was pretty good even with the intervening years.

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Sent you a pm.

We moved here in March of this year from NJ. Came down twice with Matilda to look at houses with my super-duper MDC mama Realtor. We found the most wonderful home in Knightdale together. We closed on it and moved in the following day. Big move!

We used ABF trucking company's U-Pack system. It was so inexpensive and such an easy transition. I highly recommend them!! Very dependable. They deliver an empty tractor trailer container, you fill it, they drive it to your new home for you to unload. It was great.

We LOVE it here in the Raleigh area : Our home and yard are the best. Heavenly :

I also love gardening and blue grass music.
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ABF seems like the best solution for truck.

now all we need is a 3 month lease apt...i think...

whoo hoo...I love packing...it feed into my control/ organization issues lol
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