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I thought I'd join, since I'm very new to having a school-aged child. My daughter, turning 6 in November, started kindergarten last week. The first week was all half days (9-12), so it felt similar to her preschool schedule last year. Today is her first full day (9-3). It feels weird and I'm only 2 1/2 hours into it! I imagine it is normal to feel a little aimless and unsettled for a while until I get into a rhythm. Or maybe it's just me. I've always been a little unfocused.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to having time to myself after 6 years of intensive at-home parenting. I just have the one child, but I managed to take attachment parenting a little too literally and completely wore myself out. I'm hoping this school year will provide me with an opportunity to start taking care of myself again. Not to mention my messy house!
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has had quite a morning already! today is picture day at school, so there was all that 'drama' this morning with my 13 yo dd (as you can imagine ) and my hubby just walked in the door from work early.....he's sick. you have to know my husband to know how rare this is. he NEVER leaves work, even if he's feeling under the weather and he should, so he must be feeling very bad to be home in bed. poor guy.

today is laundry day here, so i'm listening to some vintage radio podcasts while i work around the house. have to pick kids up from school around 3p, take my dd back to school for volleyball practice @4:40p and then meet her back at the school/church for family confirmation class @6:30p. not sure if hubby will be feeling well enough to go with us, but he can stay home with ds if not.

busy busy!
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Let's see...what am I doing today - maybe if I write it, I will actually do it. I need to go to the gym, go to the grocery store, start to decorate our Sukkah, fold the two loads of laundry waiting for me, iron dh's shirts, and post our coffee table on craigslist. Then pickup from school, take the boys for their 4:00 riding lessons, dinner (burritos?) and then take them to their Cub Scout Pack meeting at 7. Dh usually takes them, but he has a Little League Board meeting tonite.

Ready, steady, go!
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#4 and my youngest started JK today. He does full days every day and this was my first empty nest day. I've been thinking about this day for a really looong time LOL! I'm not upset to have an empty nest, DS is 4 but he's incredibly ready. We went to drop in centers 5 days a week since he was a month old and even though I think it's a good lead up to school he very obviously outgrew them when I took him this month (We don't go in the summer). He wants to be in school now so it's easy to part with him when he's so eager and ready for the next step.

I've been a full time mom for 10 1/2 years, I haven't even had a hair cut w/o a kid at my side since #1 came along. I really had all these expectations for how long and lazy and wonderful this day was going to be. I kept thinking about the wonderful lazy days off from work I had before kids, that's what I was expecting and it really didn't work out that way. I didn't even get to just stop and realize I didn't have a kid in tow, very anti-climactic

I spent 45 minutes doing my usual morning routine of cleaning up after getting 4 boys out the door. I spent 1/2 an hour at the computer then started laundry, stripped beds, re-made beds, did more laundry. I won't bore you with the details of my housework but it's mostly all I've done. Part of the reason is that I have this grand idea that I'm going to have this perfectly clean house now that I have "all this free time". I want this perfect house that you can open any cupboard, peek in any closet and see sterile perfection HAAA! I knew it was going to be work to meet that standard but I still expected some time for relaxation. Maybe once I get thing more organized and I get used to the new housework routine I'll get that time. Anyway, there were no unicorns, rainbows or pots of gold, very disappointing
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Well here's what I did today.
I got up, got DS ready for school. Walked him to the bus. Went back to bed for a nap.
Then I got up, made coffee, and farted around. Took a shower, picked up the house. And now I am farting around again.
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OK, I stayed up a little later last night to make my morning more organized, did a few chores I would have done today. Bring on the bonbons and soaps!
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today is laundry day at my house......bedding, towels, napkins and the odd load of clothes. i also need to get my weekend menu planned and a grocery list together for my shopping trip tomorrow, get my daily housework done, and then pick up scrips from my kid's school for shopping as well. busy day ahead!
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You ladies make me feel like such a slacker...here you are busy, busy, busy and I have been doing a lot of loafing around, reading & pouting (it takes me a while to adjust to being away from my sweetie).
Today is a another beautiful day though, so I made myself get to work! Starting at 9am I began cleaning up leaves & pulling weeds. Then I trimmed, mowed the front & back yard and swept/leaf blowed (blew?) everything. Might I say, I think it looks spectacular!

Of course, now I am filthy so I am off to hop in the shower then attempt running an errand or two before I need to pick up ds. He is having a very difficult time eating and feeling down about his new mouthpiece, so I want to pick him up a small treat before I see him!

Have a super day everyone....
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How long does it take you to get used to this? Believe me, for 6 years I have longed for a substantial break. The thought of 6 hours a day to myself was incomprehensible. But, all of a sudden today--after feeling fairly unemotional about my child starting full-day K--I am falling apart.

What triggered it was a difficult separation this morning, the first day in her nearly two weeks of school that she cried at drop-off and the teacher had to take her from me. I realized as I cried myself home in the car that this is hard for me too. I miss her here. She's been my sidekick, my constant companion for 6 years now. It's weird not having her around as much. Such a huge shift from the small amount of time she was in preschool last year. I know I'll get used to it, but I think I needed to have a mini-breakdown first just to get it all out.

I am just now really reckoning with the fact that my baby--who has lost 4 teeth, can ride a bike without training wheels, and is in "real" school--is not a baby anymore.
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