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Originally Posted by SAHDS View Post
I sure do. They are the BEST. DD and I will eat 2 dozen in 2 days : She had 2 this morning (w/ oj and eggs) and took 1 to school for snack. I've only had one... so far...

Oh, and they're more banana-bread-esque than cake.

Here's for 24:

2-1/2 cups and 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup and 2 tablespoons sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1-1/2 teaspoons baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 egg
3/4 cup vegetable oil (I haven't tried applesauce in this one)
3/4 cup plain yogurt (I use sour cream since I always have it on hand)
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1-1/2 cups mashed ripe bananas
1 cup and 2 tablespoons semisweet chocolate chips

In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In another bowl, combine the egg, oil, yogurt and vanilla. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Fold in bananas and chocolate chips. Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups two-thirds full. Bake at 350 degrees F for 22-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks.


Thanks so much, I'm going to make them this week, they sound amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! XXX
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philomom - Welcome! I had one of those days yesterday! I ran to the grocery store after swimming to grab a rotisserie chicken while DH made rice pilaf. I did all my shopping and found out they were out of chicken. Thankfully I'd bought a lb. of pre-cooked large shrimp from the butcher block so we made shrimp Caesar : Thank goodness for QUICK meals (I have a dozen go-to meals that can be made under 10 minutes). Oh, and I get a free chicken next time since they were out. Score.

mmace - Welcome. Sounds like you're busy too! I'm sorry about their dad, that's really unfortunate. Thank goodness you're doing such a great job!

mamaUK - Enjoy! Oh, and I totally ate another one. They're just so GOOD w/ coffee... DRAT. Why do I do this to myself. I blame DH, he buys too many bananas so I HAVE to use them when they go brown, right?
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All three of mine are in school. Kindy, 2nd, and 5th grade. I really don't get bored, lol. I always have something to do plus I have a few hobbies. I am finally having some "me" time and I love it.
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Welcome jeca!

Today my plans are:
  • Going to buy my "Shred" vid (gotta get in shape for vacation!) and hopefully working out with it
  • Going to the library to swap my 5 books for another 5 (willing they have what's on my list)
  • Calling the "blind guy" to FINALLY come and measure our windows
  • Vacu-sealing 10 lbs. of chicken breasts.

After school is straight to swimming, dinner, then baseball practice WHILE my FIL and his girlfriend are here visiting. Don't know how they're even going to see the kids unless they go to baseball with us (since we have maybe a 45 minute window between getting home from swimming and going to baseball - and that includes getting out of swim clothes and into baseball clothes).
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I need to find a routine. I am stuck in a rut right now.
Also I have created these anxities since I am home alot. Maybe its just me. but i think about things I would've never thought of when I was busy.
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Well, ds is only in school until noon everyday, so I may not meet the proper qualifications.....
But I go out of my mind bonkers most of the days trying to pass the time until he comes home.
At least now that the weather is nicer I have been able to start planting and working on landscaping, which I looooove. Other than that I am either cleaning the house, which most of the time is already clean...or sitting here reading and watching the clock. I gotta get motivated and add some more activities!
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Welcome KyleAnn!

So, I bought my "shred" vid (pretty sore today) and am adding that to my daily routine.

It's nice today so the dog and I may walk to the beach (if I have time).

DH has the day off so I think we'll play tennis and he told me yesterday he's taking me out to lunch this afternoon.

Went to the library and got 4 books so that'll keep me a little busy (probably won't have time to read today, though, I'll have to read tonight).

Have to do Thursday folders at the kids' school (only takes 45 minutes, tops).

Oh, and I get to pick up DD's new desk today so I may run to Home Depot for paint and knobs. Home Depot made need to wait until tomorrow morning if I'm too busy. I need to get another clothesline and check about solar panels and blinds (since I didn't call the blind guy, oops) anyway.

That's about it.

Softball practice tonight.

Better get off the computer and out of my footed jammies (LOL)!

Oh, and i have to call the Orthodontist.

Busy day!
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Originally Posted by vm9799 View Post
count me in!

although i'm seriously thinking of going back to work part-time just 2 days a week......and only while the kids are in school. we'll see though. my friend at VB came to me last week and informed me of an opening so i'm looking into it and next week i'll be working their HUGE outlet sale 3 days (from 8-4p) so that might just make up my mind for me. lol!

although i do have my business to keep me busy as well. i don't often find myself bored.....but those days that i do are simply marvelous!

gotta run! must go pick up the kids from school now!

hey ladies! just have to say that after working yesterday and today all day long (still have tomorrow to go), i'm DEFINITELY NOT ready to go back to work! it really sucks to have to cram all my stuff into just the evenings.....i've been working 8a-4p the past few days the vera bradley outlet sale.

the past 2 nights we've had to run out to shop for a new fridge, get dinner ready, help with homework, and get the kids ready for bed.....and my house is a freaking disaster and i haven't been able to spend any time with my kids! ugh. tonight we atleast got the fridge ordered (should be delivered on saturday) so that's one thing....but i would have loved to have had more time to do some research instead of going and making decisions while exhausted and cranky. bah. we held off on buying a new range tonight because i want time to figure out what i really want......and want to be in the right frame of mind while shopping.

so i can't wait to get back to my normal "sahm" status next week! lol!
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Welcome back, Vicki! I bow to working moms. I don't know how I would get everything (anything) done.

Totally slacked today - it was GORGEOUS and so we enjoyed the weather. Cleaned the house for a little while and then DH and I went and played tennis for an hour. I went to the kids' school to do folders then we went to our favorite 'tavern' on the water and sat outside on their deck eating the BEST burgers and fries (I had grilled chicken). Picked up the kids and then picked up DD's new desk. After that, ran home and played catch for 30 minutes in the backyard. Made the kids dinner (DH and I weren't hungry) and read my book outside while they ate. Then went to practice. Came home, kids did homework and bedtime. DH and I layed around then watched The Office. I even have a pink face from all of the sunshine!


Oh, and am doing my workout tonight when DH goes to the gym.

TOTALLY forgot to call the Ortho. CRAPtastic. And the dog didn't get his walk.

Anyone else want to talk about their days?
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My kids are off school today - and my oldest is going to her first prom! We are getting ready to leave soon for her first ever manicure and pedicure. Sigh...I'm 35 - I'm not old enough for this!
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Next year it will just be a baby and me home, with 5 out of 6 in school... that will feel empty!

I enjoy the quiet but I miss my kids.
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mmace - How exciting! What a huge day for her. How old is your DD (I had my kids young so I'm nosy, LOL)?

meowee - I do too. I think that's why I volunteer at the school so much. Even if I'm not in their classrooms, just being in the same building is soothing (even though we only live 1/2 mile away). Speaking of, I need to toss DD's field trip permission slip in her back-up. I get it in first thing so I can snag a chaperon spot.

Not much going on today. Work out, run to Home Depot, call the Ortho, lay out in the sun (it's not yet 7am but looks like it'll be a nice one today!). Maybe I can talk DH into some more tennis.
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She is 15 and a freshman. I say I'm too young for this, but I'm 35 - so I guess I'm really not! kekeke I am the youngest mom of all her friends though...
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Originally Posted by mmace View Post
She is 15 and a freshman. I say I'm too young for this, but I'm 35 - so I guess I'm really not! kekeke I am the youngest mom of all her friends though...
I understand, that's how it is here. My DD's 3 best friends have much older parents - all in their late forties through late fifties. I'm 29. They tease but we all get along well because of the kids, even though there's an age difference there's that common ground.

They all developed their careers then had kids. DH and I wasted no time, LOL.

Make sure to take lots of pics and then show them off! I LOVED prom(s).
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Originally Posted by SAHDS View Post
Welcome back, Vicki! I bow to working moms. I don't know how I would get everything (anything) done.
aww, thank you! today was my last day and i'm now officially a stay-at-home mom again! lol! i laugh because i only actually worked 3 days and that was long enough for me.

tonight we are heading to the kids school as my dd is in the spring musical. then we're picking up one of my son's friends for a sleepover and heading home......which i'm planning to climb into my pjs and totally veg. we have a rather busy weekend planned, so i'll most likely tackle my disaster of a house on monday while everyone is gone at school/work.

ahhh, it's good to be back!
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I'm in this tribe, for now LOL! I'm due with #3 in about a month so there goes my "me" time LOL! I am excited about enjoying a LO all by herself, I had the other 2 pretty close together and it just seemed to go so fast, I don't really feel like I enjoyed them fully because I was too busy juggling. Adding that DH deploys, I've spent equal to YEARS alone with the kids--no sitters, no family, no help, for 24 hrs a day, I totally feel that I've *earned* being able to stay home while the kids are in school LOL! My time has been put in LOL!

I do volunteer at the school quite a bit, have lunch for DH when we can, and totally enjoy getting all my errands done before the 2pm crazies!!! (kids get out school and we start the swim lessons-homework-dinner-etc craziness)

Some days I do nothing. Like today. I think I surfed online all morning.
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good morning ladies!

well, i'm still acclimating back to my normal schedule. it's amazing what a couple of days of being gone all day will do to your house! after a very busy weekend i spent all day yesterday grocery shopping and running errands before needing to pick the kids up from school. and the evening was spent getting our kitchen back together after our new fridge was delivered.......dh had to do some minor "surgery" to our newly remodeled kitchen as the new fridge is MUCH bigger than our old one.

so today is all about housecleaning......and my house is in desperate need of it. but first i must run my kids to school!

have a wonderful day everyone!
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Welcome MangoMommy!

Today was a late start so kids didn't go to school until 10. After I dropped them off, I sent DH to the corner market (4 minutes away) to buy eggs so I could make a few dozen chocolate chip cookies (they are SOOOO good, my fav!). Then I went to DD's class to help with an art project - mosaics - ended up making one myself (yea). That took 2 hours, went home and had a quick nap.

Picked up the kids and took them to swimming. DS's baseball practice was cancelled due to rain so I asked DH to heat the kids up some dinner from last night (enchiladas, Spanish rice, black beans and corn - OLE!) and I went upstairs to lay down. TMI but my stomach is CRAMPING from gas today! Anyhoo, laid down and read for 90 minutes waiting for something to... errr... happen (no luck). DD came up after dinner and did her homework in my bed. She conked out at 7 and I came downstairs at 8 to find a home remedy on the Internet. I've been drinking a cup of hot water, 3 peppermint tea bags + 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint extract waiting for the pain to go away.

Hope you all had great days!
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Originally Posted by SAHDS View Post
Today was a late start so kids didn't go to school until 10.
really?? ours had a 2 hour delay today too......because of thick fog. and it has totally thrown off my day! lol! today is my normal grocery shopping day so i was running around like a mad woman to get all the running done and get everything home. now i've got a little while until i need to go pick them up again. thankfully dh is home this week on "vacation".....read: working on the "honey do" list. so he's been a big help.
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I feel like all I have been doing this week is running errand after errand and cleaning. With ds only gone for 3 hours each day, it goes by quick when I have things I actaully need to do.
Yesterday I did the grocery shopping for the week and made up some make ahead dinners for dh (he rarely eats the same dinner as ds and I as he is not veg, so it is easier than cooking multiple meals every night).
Today I began a Cycle class and I almost died. Well, it felt like it anyway. That was a little after 9 this morning and in about the last half hour my legs are hurting. After that I ran to TJ's and picked up ds.

After ds got home we read and played Playmobil and I just finished a spinach quiche for our dinner.

That's it for me. Now I am just waiting for hubby to get home so we can hang out. I guess I am being lazy today!

ETA: SAHDS-I hope you're feeling better today!
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