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TV Turn-Off Week

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This week is TV Turn-off week, and my dd and I decided to try it. We are into day 3 and it hasn't been too bad. We have been able to find things to do to occupy us. The big challenge will be the weekend, but it shouldn't be too bad. I thought I would have a hard time b/c I like to watch tv to relax after dd goes to bed. Well, I ended up getting some books on cd and enjoy that just as much. My dd hasn't even had a hard adjustment. She loves music so she has been exploring different types of music. Wish me luck as we continue on our journey....
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Good for you! I think you will have a wonderful week:
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Excellent! I did something with my students (7th graders) last year, but we got too busy this year. There's another one in September so I'll aim for that. Good for you for trying it out!
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Well the week is over and I really enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed listening to a book on tape when I just want to veg. out instead of channel surfing. Silence has become my new friend.
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I tried the same thing this week and it was awesome! My 2 boys, 5 and 3 asked for it a bit, but when i told them no,we just read or did something else and they didn't mind that much. I enjoyed it,and definitely plan to cut down on their tv watching!
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