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Vaccination Conversation

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We have not vaccinated my DS and we aren't planning to. We see a new pediatrician on Friday, who I've heard is relatively accepting of those wishes. Our current ped drills me at every visit. I have done extensive research on the subject but I always seem to flounder when I get pressed by doctors. All my knowledge seems to go out the window and I sound like a rambling fool. Does anyone have some short but sweet verbiage that I could use when we have the immunization talk. I want to sound knowledgeable and unwavering.

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I am not vaccinating my child today. Let's move on to _____ reason for this visit.

At present I do not have any questions for you. I am currently researching vaccines and my child will not be receiving any. This is not open for debate.

I am continually researching vaccines. If and when I choose vaccines for my child I will let you know.

I am not convinced the benefits outweigh the risks. Unless I decide otherwise I am not consenting to vaccines for my child.
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"We don't vaccinate. I'm comfortable with that decision, I'd like to focus on X today."

And if someone pressed me, I'd say that I feel I have a lot of tools to use to support the kids through these illnesses and I'm comfortable with my decision. I wouldn't want to pull out the "I'm religiously opposed" unless I had to, if I was dealing with a doctor that I didn't expect much of a relationship with anyway and I really needed their help with something.
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At my son's 2 month I just said "We're not doing any vaccinations today", they didn't press me at all.
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All of the above, and keep up your research. It will all sink in and you'll become more comfortable with it.

Our pedi clinic is at a large teaching hospital with a huge vaccine trial/research program. I had to take Carrie in for something at 2 mo and while I was waiting for my pedi (who is fine with my vax decisions) someone from the trial dept came to visit me about enrolling Carrie in an infant meningitis vax trial. I just started asking her all of these questions and finally, she said, "Oh, so you work here? They didn't tell me you were a doctor." Me: "I'm not. Just a stay at home mom whose job it is to be informed on what she's putting in her kid."

My pedi loved it.
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