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Okay, so FINALLY! I have had a huge sex drive since the birth, my midwives say I am one of the unsuall ones...but we just haven't found the privacy or the time. After a few failed attempts we finally learned how to navigate sex with a baby.

I am writing a book about sexuality during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Would anyone be willing to share their stories with me? It will all be kept confidential.

Lots of love to everyone...boy has life changed!
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i still haven't had sex, but we did do a bit of touching earlier this week. i still don't feel quite ready yet, but i'm also afraid the longer i wait the more difficult it will be.
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Originally Posted by Devaskyla View Post
As for finding time...the older 2 were in the bath & the baby was nursing.
This cracked me up...DH used to make sure we were alone and all that, then it progressed to baby in bed, now he doesn't care if she's eating or not! So, we have been quite successful since we don't have to find "time". (We have 3 older ones that are oblivious...so far).
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