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Convincing DH - Page 2

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See if he will read "Would you circumcise your daughter?" and "Pieces of Adam: How your circumcised son may feel in a few years"

They might help put things in a new perspective for him. Good luck!


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I see this is a pretty old thread. How did things turn out for you OP?
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I had a partner who was difficult to convince when having my first son. The NO CIRC newsletter had perspectives on the situation from MEN, which made him more open to looking at what they had to say about it. But nothing fully convinced him until they made everyone in our chilbirth class who was considering circumcision watch a video with sound on of one being done, and explained that it is not cut off, but CRUSHED OFF! I have never seen anything so horrifying as watching them strap that baby down, and crush his most sensitive parts. But the worst part was hearing the baby scream so loud and long that he finally choked himself, ran out of air, and couldn't even make any more sound (while still making the physical motions of screaming). It fully changed my partners view on it immediately, and my son is uncirced. Not a single eye in the room (male or female) was dry by the end of the video, and it was enough to make me feel nauseous.
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I've probably said that before on some thread but your posts make me thankful that I'm European - one thing less to argue about. The homebirth "issue" with the extended family was bad enough.
to all those Momma Bears!
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I know this post has been long dead, but I wanted to come back to thank all the mamas that gave me WONDERFUL advice. I put my foot down and absolutely refused to circ my son, and I have never regretted it. My husband got over it pretty quickly once he realized I wouldn't budge. In fact, just two days ago he told me he wished he hadn't been circ'ed and thanked me for not letting him do it to our son. So thanks, mamas!

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joy.gif that is such a great update and thank you so much for posting it orngbiggrin.gif
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Great news, Mama! Congratulations on your new baby!


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Hey we always love an update like that! Congratulation, what a lucky boy. :)

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Before I was able to convince my husband I first struck a deal with him.
That I would consent to a circumcision if it didn't take place until the foreskin had retracted on its own, since I could ever get past that part when trying to view a circumcision.
He agreed, and now actually 100% agrees with me.
He says that he just feels like he had to agree with circumcision being best, or that it meant there was something wrong with him...circumcision has such long term effects over their emotions as well

lol, oops didn't see that this was an update haha

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Husband does have the option to restore to look like his intact son.

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