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Uses for old spice jars

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I was gifted some fabulous magnetic spice jars and now I've got a bunch of empty spice jars. There must be something I can do with them.

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Maybe use them to store buttons? Or beads? Or other small craft items like that?
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* Use them to hold other spices you've bought in bulk

* Use them to hold nuts and bolts and other fiddley bits if you have a work-bench

* Use them to hold paper clips and other things

* Sell them

* Give them away

* Put them in the recycling bin
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I would give them away on freecycle (or alternative) if I couldn't find a use for them.

They could be great for storing seed if you garden.
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I use them for storing craft items, as PP said. I put beads, little paper-craft items, buttons.
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I put mine in the recycling bin or in the "free" box at my annual yard sale.

I have re-used several of them myself, I have a shaker for powdered sugar now as an example. I just don't have another use for them myself.
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I use mine to mix salad dressing in. I like mix it up fresh every time I make a salad. The little jars are the perfect size, and the lids close tightly enough that I can just pour the ingredients in and then shake shake shake until they are emulsified. They take up less space in the fridge if I have extra, too.
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We use them for camping. We put sugar in them or other little things. We then put the containers in a coffee pot and surround them with toilet paper tubes so they don't bump and break each other.

for the magnetic ones, I put paper clips and push pins in them and keep them on my fridge.
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I avoid accumulating them by buying spices to refill them from the bulk bins at the health food store...
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I'm a preschool teacher and use them for glitter, various paint ideas, sand shakers etc. Maybe call a local school to see if they could use them
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This is such a great question, I've often wondered what I can do with these empties!

I just had a thought - you could use them to put shampoo/conditioner in for short journies, I think I will do that when I pack my hospital bag this time!
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I buy spices in bulk and re-use the old jars. Also good for camping, like another person said.
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I would use them to bring dressing or sauces with me to work- I always seem to need small containers for that.
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