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our boys are

Izac Schroeder S. (his middle is my last name) 4yrs
Boden Matthew S. 16 mos

Boden really should be Bohdan, which is Czech, my husband's heritage, but the spelling combined with the most impossible last name was too much, so we went phonetic. Lots of times I wish we'd stuck with the Czech spelling, since my husband's mother just passed away and she was his only connection to the Czech side.

This is a nice list of names! Someone looking for a baby name would find a lot of nice options here!
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Evelyn Elizabeth
Stella Rose

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My daughter's name is Luise Anna (Luise was my maternal grandmother's middle name - I've loved that name from when I was still a child. Anna - there are a bunch of Annas among my female ancestors, e. g. my paternal grandmother and my mother.)
Kilian Philipp, Adrian Lucas, Colin Alexander:
our boys' names were all "compromises" because we didn't like each other's first choices. I am not sure what it was with the boys' names - we would have had plenty of options for girls.
Anyway, Kilian was the Irish missionary of the Francs in what is now the region around Würzburg (Germany) - and the middle name of a friend of mine. Adrian and Colin were mainly picked out for the fact that you can pronounce them in German and English without getting knots in your tongue (we are German but A. and C. were born in the U. S.)!
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Maia Jayde :] I knew I wanted Maia, and I let my husband pick out the middle name. Thankfully, he made a great choice!
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DD1 - Kaya
DD2 - Kama
DD3 - Kara

It just kinda happened that way.
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Oh, and it makes letters really difficult because they have no middle names, and my name also begins with a K.
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Originally Posted by Rowansmama View Post
My daughter is called Rowan Sage.
We have a Rowan also! Her middle name is Rebecca, after my mom. I love the name Sage. One of the coolest young girls I've ever met has this name.
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Kristiana Eleni
Emily Ann
Andrew Peter
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My son's name is Milo Jacob.
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My son's name is Riley Sol, I wanted to name him Willow but Dh objected saying that everyone would think of the 80's movie "Willow" which i had never even heard of and our nurse agreed with him. I'm still mad about it, maybe the next boy, I'd like Willow Rain.

If we had a girl it was going to be Lyrha
. We were however surprised by a boy and he was nameless for about a week.

Dss is Drew Kairos. I love his name too, its dh's middle name.
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Luc Frederick (couldn't not name him luc for some reason, it was the ooonly thing that fit, and Frederick is dh & my father's middle name plus dh's grandfather's first name...)

Leo Sage (leo seemed to fit a couple days after he was born, we really were set on a girl's name and didn't have one for a boy...Sage because I've really wanted to use that one for awhile)

possible girl name is Eleni Sage...sigh, I really wanted to use this one, we'll see... Dh came up with Eleni, a version of Helen.
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My son's name is Corbyn-Jaxxon Wayne. Corbyn -Jaxxon because I loved both those names but not in the traditional spellings and Wayne after my uncle who passed away in 2004
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Trent Justin Blake (for the Trent river in our hometown, Justin was dh's best friend and Blake was my brother, both of whom have passed away)

Bridget Kelly Grace (cuz Bridget is the only name we could agree on - dh found meaning in that there is a bridge over the Trent River in our hometown lol, Kelly is dh's first name, and Grace just seemed to suit her, it is also my aunt's middle name and was my great-great aunt's first name)
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Originally Posted by Rowansmama View Post
My daughter is called Rowan Sage.
There are twin boys in my town named Sage and Rowan
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Tobias Hinckley. We wanted a "different, but traditional" first name. After I found out he was my only baby I wish I would have named him Asher or something starting with an A, since my first name starts with an A. And the Hinckley is because he was born only 3 hours after the president of our church passed away. We thought it would be a good legacy for him.

If I could have more kids, if it were a boy I would want to name him

Jonah Gabriel David

The first two because I love them, and the David after my dad.

If we had a girl, she would have been named Alexandria Kristine (my first name starts with an A, as does my mom's, and both our middle names are Kristine/a, so it would be a tradition thingy.)

But I can't have any more. I love the names I've read here though. Guess I should just write a bunch of novels and use all the names as characters
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Alexander Jean (we call him Xander, and Jean is my middle name)
Benjamin Moges (we call him Moges, which is his Ethiopian name)
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Madeline Jo
Michael Jacob
Marah Rose
Naomi Jade

No we did not plan the M's or now that I look at them all written the J's either. DH's best friend still tells us we should have named Marah, Marah Jade as it some star wars person or something. Last time he was here he even said we should change it as she's too little to care right now. silly man and his star wars obbsession.
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Oliver Mathew

He just looked like an Oliver when we first saw him...still does

Mathew is after my BIL who ds totally reminds me of all the time from day one.

Also, it worked out well since my dh has the same initials (Orion Mark)

Future ds will be Harvey Thomas
Future dd will be Johanna Elaine

Although I'm always changing my mind
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Makaley Wren
Arden Chloe
Anniston Brielle
Taegan Bailey
Balen Tanner
Kellen Patrick
Ellery Anne
Innish Augustine
Eiley Emma
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Mine are:

Emma Nicole (Emma is an old family name and we had NO IDEA how popular it was! )
Esme Jeannette (loved the name Esme when I heard it and middle name is dh's grandmother who passed away)
Isaac Matewos (Isaac means laughter, which we loved when we first saw his face, and Matewos is his Ethiopian name which is Matthew)
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