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MaryJane Magnolia

Mary Jane is my Grandma's name and magnolia because she is our little southern belle!
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DS is Ivan Gerrit.

DD to-be-is proving impossible to name. Top options right now:

Annika (or some variation thereof)

But really, we are STUCK.

Middle name will be a family name beginning with A.
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snuzzmom, i LOVE annika. i have dutch heritage though so maybe it's innate that i love it

mine are:

sawyer dennis (first name for my dh's friend who died-it was his last name- and middle is dh's name)
beau taylor (beau, we just liked and i loved it spelled that way when i met a beau in a work situation and middle name is for my friend who died-his last name as well, but b/c he liked being called taylor rather than his first name)

i loved the name christian this time around but we already have a christopher (middle name taylor-which i forgot at the time!- and same last name) in the immediate family so DH didn't go for it. loved rowan and uriyah as well. and ty was in the running. our first son was almost vance but we changed our minds (haha we even enlisted my labour nurse in the labour room for help!)

i mourn the fact that i will never have a little girl to name (hubby seems pretty darn certain he is done.) i still want the girl name we picked with our first pregnancy. i will have to resign myself to getting a female dog and naming her clare maria (and spoiling her senseless with pink collars etc.)
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We've got:

Maya Rose -
I have loved the name Maya since I was a teenager, and Rose for the ex's Gma

India Marie -
India came up two days after she was born and we weren't having any luck deciding, came from Gone With the Wind. Marie is my and my mothers middle name.

Future son would be Connor. Future daughter is undecided, but some beautiful names here!!
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Nicholas Adric

Nicholas has been my favorite male name since I was a kid, it goes with our German and Russian ancestry, and it means "victory of the people." Since naming him, I've learned that my British ancestor who was the first with my last name to come to America was Nickolas. We don't mind our kid having a top-ten name; both of us do, for our birth years, and it's been fine.

Adric is the name of a "Doctor Who" character, and both EnviroDaddy and I love that show but had always assumed it was a made-up sci-fi name, until we found it in a baby-name book! I wanted the baby's middle name to be from my family since it was getting his last name. Adric is a masculine form of Audrey (my cousin) and is like a combination of Adam (middle name of another cousin) and Frederick (my great-great-grandfather, and middle name of my great-uncle, uncle, and cousin).

If he was a girl, he'd be Lorinda Karen. We love the name Lori but wanted it to be short for something. Karen is my mother's middle name because it is similar to her mother's last name.
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DD is Cecily Juliana. Cecily is after St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, and Juliana we chose to honor when she was born ("Jul" in Swedish means "yule"). She would have been Gareth Emmanuel had she been a boy.
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Spencer Michael and Beckett James
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Originally Posted by aprons_and_acorns View Post
My son's name is pronounced Ee-vo but spelled Ivo in keeping with my husband's ethnic heritage. I had met two Ivos before DS was born, but it's a very uncommon name in our part of the world.
My BIL's name is Ivo. It's associated with the name Ivy. Ivo Andric was a Nobel Prize winner for literature

Our daughter is called, very simply, universally, and commonly for this part of the world, Ana.

Both DH and I have relatively unusual names and somehow the names we like are pretty common

Can't say we were traumatized or unhappy because of our names, it's just that, in our view, those frequent names may be frequent for a reason!

Ana means grace, mercy; is an ancient universally used Hebrew name; belongs to such saints as the mother of Mary and the prophetess that recognized Jesus; is beautiful-sounding and simple; can be used for both a baby and an old woman; etc.

Other girls we have might be called Irina, Katarina, Marina, Anastasia - based on similar criteria.

Boys: Nikola (as common as it is here - 'victory of the people', the saint, the sound, my father and great-grandfather's name, etc.), Damian, Demetrios, Athanasios
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Originally Posted by aprons_and_acorns View Post
My son's name is pronounced Ee-vo but spelled Ivo in keeping with my husband's ethnic heritage. I had met two Ivos before DS was born, but it's a very uncommon name in our part of the world.
I love that name. What does it mean? And, if you don't mind me asking' what is your husband's ethnic heritage? I only ask because many Celtic/Gaelic languages have 'Ie' name-starters that sound like 'Ee'.

Originally Posted by katiesk View Post
we almost used that for judah blue instead of judah magnolia.

we told a friend of ours though, so we could get some feedback and he was silent for a moment and then said, "judah blue the whole football team"

which was crass. but it made us rethink the name! i probably would have used it anyway, but dp came up with magnolia a few days after she was born and we were really trying to decide on a name. i loved it.
Yeh, I kinda burst my DH's bubble the same way. He liked the French name Orallie but I had to delicately (well sort of) point out what teenage boys would think of a girl with a name that sounds like 'orally'!

My DS is Dylan James Bannister:
Dylan - a classically Welsh name that was also a Welsh sea god
James - is the same middle name as DH
Bannister - a memorial name after one of my best friends who died tragically just before he was named

My DD3 is Sera May Peggy:
Sera - a slightly more unusual Welsh name that is also short for seraphim (which totally suits her personality)
May - a maternal family tradition - the same middle name as me, my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother etc...
Peggy - a memorial name after my DH's paternal grandmother - the only one who ever really 'got' him

DD1 was/is Rudd (pronounced Roo-th) meaning compassion
DD2 was/is Valimai (pronounced Val-ee-may) meaning mayflower - kind of a play on the fact that originally my maternal line comes from America (even though the Mayflower went in the other direction)
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DS is Ian Thomas. This baby will be Jake (no middle name yet) or Mary Katherine (Mary-Kate) after a grandmother and aunt on DH's side of the family. I'm lobbying for Delilah Marie but DH hates that name.
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I love my kids' names
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DS is Ash Roland, if/when we have another DS he'll be Oliver James. We've never been able to agree on a girl's name so we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.
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I like Oliver, it's one of the twin boy names we have stored away just in case!
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Originally Posted by tjjazzy View Post
snuzzmom, i LOVE annika. i have dutch heritage though so maybe it's innate that i love it
DH is Dutch.
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I love reading everyone's baby names.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
I love reading everyone's baby names.
Me too!! Full dislosure: I am looking to steal baby girl names.
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i love annika!
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Royce Philip - Royce is just a name we both loved, it was dh's favourite and also the one I chose from a list of his top 5 that he made, Philip is my dad's name.

I love hearing everyone's names - I'm storing some ideas away for next time!
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My ds is almost 20 months (omg wow he is getting so big)

and his name is Nolan Alfred B(last name)
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Mine aren't especially creative but here they are

Anna-Rebekah Elizabeth
Logan Benjamin
Christian Alejandro
Ethan Xavier
Adan Nicolas
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