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We're not Persian, but we love the name.
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Keiran Elliott.

'Keiran' after a football (soccer) player that dp liked, and 'Elliott' after singer/songwriter Elliott Smith.
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Originally Posted by geiamama View Post
I love that name. What does it mean? And, if you don't mind me asking' what is your husband's ethnic heritage? I only ask because many Celtic/Gaelic languages have 'Ie' name-starters that sound like 'Ee'.
Thank you! My husband's family came to the US from Prague, and they call their family heritage Czech/bohemian (although I'm probably not correct in calling that an "ethnicity"). Ivo means "yew wood", which is a common kind of wood for making bows, so sometimes in baby name books it's meaning is "archer" or "little archer". It is related to the French names Yvo and Yves.

Litcrit-- We actually do get the Ivo Andric reference once in a while, LOL. Mainly from librarians and my husband's college professors.
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i have:

Kaeden Thomas Joseph .. middle names after great g-pa and my brother .. i'm sad that Kaeden/Caden/Jayden/Hayden is getting so popular! it was so unheard of around here when he was born (he's almost 8)

Ellia Jayne Ryan .. pronounced Ellie-ah, named after my grandmother Eleanor, middle names after a great g-ma and daddy

Athena Margaret Lauren ... Athena is my favourite goddess, Margaret is after my 2 aunt margarets plus Margaret Atwood (my fave author), and Lauren is after another great g-ma

future, but probably never to be born kids (dh is done!)

Sage Gordon Alexander
Lyric Eleanor Rachel
Ezri Ella Ruth
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Natalie Eileen. Natalie after Natalie Merchant (Hubby likes her music and the name) and Eileen is my middle name as well as my mother's middle name.

Seth Matthew. Hubby's family has a name tradition where the first son gets the dad's name as his middle and gets his own first. Seth was the only boy name we both liked.

Future names... we're having a terrible time!!! This thread is great for getting ideas for sure! When we meet Baby Bear and her bmom hopefully the right name will attach itself to her somehow, whether her bmom picks it or we get to... I don't know. I'd like to include a family name in her name somewhere since the other two have one.

ETA: Names are so funny! I acquired my first name because my parents watched The Waltons. Natalie's first and middle names are almost a palindrome...completely unintentional!
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DS is Cager Rhys

Cager is a big time family name. I think DS is the 5th to have it. DP is Cager Joseph, his dad is Cager Kenneth and his dad is Cager Kencil and his uncle was Cager John (I think). And I'm sure it goes back further... I don't know what it means but I liked it and it was important to DP to pass his name to his son. I imagine the origin is Irish and I think it may have evolved from the name MiCajer. I found two teenagers on facebook with the name but they must think I am a crazy lady because they never messaged me back with why they were named Cager, haha.

but we call him by his middle name which is Rhys. I love the meaning of his name and I was watching a lot of Sliders when I was pregnant and that is how I found it... actor Jonathon Rhys Davies and of course Jonathon Rhys Meyers.

Rhys is a name of Welsh origin that means ardor, fervor, passion and zeal, rash, ardent, fiery, zealous. Welsh word for Enthusiasm - meaning "inspired by God" or "breathed by God".
and i found this searching for the meaning and it made me feel good about the name...
name of the day

if DS was girl he would have been Olive Hazel (Olive for my eye color and Hazel is the last name of the girls I nannied for 6 years.)

names we like for the future are Addington, McKenzie, and Raja.
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Originally Posted by tndixiemom View Post
James Andrew Sullivan(we call him Sully) - Sullivan was a name we liked and the others are family names.
Neat! I know a Sullivan Oake.

Originally Posted by ShadowMoon View Post
Keiran Elliott.

'Keiran' after a football (soccer) player that dp liked, and 'Elliott' after singer/songwriter Elliott Smith.
How bittersweet!

Originally Posted by Friday13th View Post
DS is Ash Roland, if/when we have another DS he'll be Oliver James. We've never been able to agree on a girl's name so we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.
Is Roland after a Steven King series that rocked my world?
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Zoe Devon (12)
Maya Rain (5)
Quinn Scott (2)
Piper Lily (7 weeks)
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Not very creative, but DD is Olivia Marie.

Olivia has ALWAYS been the name I knew I would give my daughter. Marie is my middle name, as well as my mom and my sister's middle name.
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Originally Posted by aprons_and_acorns View Post
My son's name is pronounced Ee-vo but spelled Ivo in keeping with my husband's ethnic heritage. I had met two Ivos before DS was born, but it's a very uncommon name in our part of the world.
I share an office with an Ivo. I love that name
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DD is Myroslava (mee-rah-SLAH-vah) Rose.
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DD is Adrienne Lynn, Lynn is my moms middle name DS is Lane Roallan, Roallan is from DH dads name which was Robert Allan who died the summer before we concieved so we combined them, & DD Rylin Anne- Anne is my middle name
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Mathonwy Lindsay (14)
Kiernan Mark (9)
Tara Elisabeth (4)
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Originally Posted by ShadowMoon View Post
Keiran Elliott.

'Keiran' after a football (soccer) player that dp liked, and 'Elliott' after singer/songwriter Elliott Smith.
That's why Elliott is on my list too! If we have a boy I like Caleb Elliott.
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It's in my siggy! Someone the other day asked me if all my children had unique names like Scarlett Rayne The same person told me it sounded like some type of weather (he meant it in a nice way).
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Originally Posted by lemongrass View Post
Zoe Devon (12)
Maya Rain (5)
Quinn Scott (2)
Piper Lily (7 weeks)
Our next boy will be Quinn Everett.
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We don't have any kids yet, but when we do, here are our name options so far:

For girl first names, we like Lola and Avalon.
Our middle name options are:
Callisto --moon of Jupiter
Kinsey --famous researcher
Snow --just like the sound of it
Estlin -after e.e. cummings, my favorite author

For boys we are very strongly drawn to Holden for a first name, with Ronan and Sagan (after Carl) as other options...for middle names we've got Kepler (after astronomer Johannes), Farmer (after writer Philip Jose Farmer) and Kinsey again.

I'm really enjoying mixing and matching the first and middle names! We're trying to find things that represent our interests but also roll off the tongue with our last name.
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First names as follows

Joey ds
Hannah dd
Amy dd
Natalie dd
Bridget dd
Jacob ds
Jennifer dd
Gracie dd
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Ok, I have to start mine with a quick explanation. My husband and I have the same initials, JLJ. When we started having kids, our 1st ended up being a J name and so did our second. After that, I tried to avoid J's, but #3 was meant to be one as well and after that.... Well I just gave up and went with the flow. My husband and I aren't cutesy type people, so it's very unusual for us to have ended up with kids whose names all start with J.
Jordan Robert- 11
Jared Aaron- 9
Joseph Thomas- 7 (After he was born someone pointed out to us that the boys middle initials spell RAT)
James Edward- 5 (Which takes us to RATE)
Jocelyn Keziah- 3
Jasmine Eliza- 1
All have scriptural first names and the middle names are after family members (Joseph's 1st name happens to be after a family member as well, Jocelyn's is a form of Joyce which is my MIL's name (don't tell my mom that), Robert happened to be my uncle and husband's uncles' name as well though we had his uncle (Army, died in 'Nam) in mind, and James' middle name is after a family member that crossed on the Mayflower). I wanted 4 boys and 2 girls, in that order, and was fortunate enough to get it.
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Sigourney Haden Persephone.

The day our daughter was conceived (a surprise), I had a flash of a little girl named Sigourney in my mind. It was really strange. A few minutes later, I asked my husband if he liked the name, and we decided it had character, plus we are huge Ridley Scott fans. So she was always Sigourney, even before we knew about her (although we waited until after she was born to make sure the name fit her). Haden is for my best friend Heather since it means 'heather covered hill' at most name sites. Persphone was my husband's choice. He liked that it meant 'bringer of destruction'. I was attempting reverse psychology when I agreed to it, but then it grew on me.

I have to say, there are a lot of great names in this thread! I'm keeping an eye out for when we have number two.
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