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Originally Posted by EVC View Post
I share an office with an Ivo. I love that name
Neat! It's nice to know there are other Ivos in the US.
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For future names (which we're done so it doesn't really matter), a boy would be Jasper Burton. Jasper's a name I've always loved, Burton would be after my cousin who died years ago. Girl would be Elbie Jo. I saw that in a baby name book as a nickname for something when I was pregnant with my first.
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I love reading all the great names!

My son is Walter Miles, and my daughter is Sylvia Margaret. (We call her Sylvie most of the time though.)
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my daughter's name is juliet amelie.
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Mine are:
Elizabeth Prairie-Rose Elizabeth after my partners' mother, who died in childbirth. Prairie-Rose was me saying that she would be the rose at the center of my world.
California Sky I met my partners while we were all traveling to California, so we all knew we wanted to name one of our children after that state.
Trenton Star No story behind this, just liked the name.
Melanie Violet My partners chose this. Too common for me, but it seems to fit her well enough.
Jesse River
Davin Rain I go back and forth on whether or not I still like the name Davin. It could've been worse, though. My partners wanted to name the twins Jesse and James

New baby is going to be Shae Fire. If we have more kids after this, we're thinking about Ira for a boy and Hestia for a girl (my partners don't like Hestia, but they have no taste when it comes to names, obviously )
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Jillian Helena (Jillian we liked and Helena after ex's grandmother)

Rhys Sofia ( I liked Rhys although as I am often told is a "boys" name and Sofia because I liked it)
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Xander Tyro
Tavin Liam
Koda Amiri
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my son is tristan david. dh picked tristan, he had seen Tristan and Isolde and fell in love with the name. david is dh's name
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My DD is Bethany Hallie
Bethany bc I haven't seen too many people with that name.
Hallie bc my great grandmother's maiden name was Hall, so she made my grandfather's middle name Hallie.
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Echo Elizabeth
Both are family names - My great aunt's first name and mine and my mom's middle name.
Elizabeth is my grandmother's middle name.
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Phoebe Anne. Our last name sounds like *EE-*ell, which I think is great with her name. People always smile when they say [FEE bee *EE *ell].
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thank you all for sharing your beautiful names!!! i love them all!

if this one is a girl, her name will be Ainsley Ryan Marie. i've always LOVED AInsley, Ryan is my dhs name, and Marie is my mother and my middle name.
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Originally Posted by stealthmode View Post
We don't have any kids yet, but when we do, here are our name options so far:

For girl first names, we like Lola and Avalon.
Our middle name options are:
Callisto --moon of Jupiter
Kinsey --famous researcher
Snow --just like the sound of it
Estlin -after e.e. cummings, my favorite author

For boys we are very strongly drawn to Holden for a first name, with Ronan and Sagan (after Carl) as other options...for middle names we've got Kepler (after astronomer Johannes), Farmer (after writer Philip Jose Farmer) and Kinsey again.

I'm really enjoying mixing and matching the first and middle names! We're trying to find things that represent our interests but also roll off the tongue with our last name.

LOVE holden
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Originally Posted by To-Fu;13649534/
Is Roland after a Steven King series that rocked my world?
It is and Ash is from the Evil Dead movies.

Oliver James is from a song by the Fleet Foxes.
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DD is Owyn Samantha. Owyn we just liked. We couldn't agree on a middle name and my Gpa kept calling her Sam because he didn't like Owyn. So, to honor him (and because it sounds nice together), we chose Samantha.

Future son is undecided. DH likes more mainstream names, I like something different. He wants Jack, but I don't like it, too blunt for me. I love the name Ocean, but it rhymes with Owyn, so that's out... Future daughter will most likely be Charlotte Cecelia. DH wanted to use Charlotte for DD's middle name, but I wanted to save it to use as a first name. Cecelia is my confirmation name and the patron saint of music.
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dd age 8 is named Isley Piper. isley is with a silent "s" like island. we came up with the name to honor the place where dh and i met and started our lives together, block island.

and piper was just plain cute!
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Olivia Jean : Olivia because we thought we were having a boy and the name we had chosen for him was Oliver; we just decided to feminize it (dh wanted Olive, but I didn't like how it sounded with our last name). Jean is both his mother & my grandmother's middle name).

Future children's potential names:
Kenneth Carl (III) : Dh is still unsure whether he wants to continue this name or not
Noah/Ethan/Jonas Carl : Any one of these names with Carl (if dh decides not to do Kenneth the Third)
Evelyn Rose/Marie : Evelyn after his gm. I like Rose, but dh wants Marie (my middle name)
Sylvia ? I just love the name! No idea what I'll pair it with, tho (that's if we even make it to a 3rd girl-child )
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Mine are Kamille Lynn Elizabeth and Alexis Paige. Kamille just came to me during pregnancy, and Lynn is after my mom and MIL (both of their middle name). DH picked Alexis Paige, no meaning to it. Future son will be either Wesley Alexander or Reeson (family name, pronounced reason) Alexander.
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