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intentional exposure?

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i have decided not to vax for religious reasons. Part of those are the way the vaccines are made violates my beliefs, and part is because i believe that i should put my trust in God, and in the things that He has made to provide healing, rather than putting my trust in man. So now, i have to go about deciding how i should manage raising a family that is not vaccinated.

I am not sure about several things and was wondering what other peoples views are on either intentionally exposing, or just build up the immune systems & letting the chips fall where they may. If you would intentionally expose, then which diseases would you expose to and why? I know i will have to do a lot of research on my own as well, but i guess i am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, and this gives me somewhere to start.
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I would always advocate building up the immune system...intentional exposure or not!

With that being said I may intentionally expose my DS to chicken pox, mumps, rubella and measles (maybe haven't made up my mind about that one yet) but not until he is older. He is only 1 and I feel that is too young. I want my child to be able to articulate whant they are feeling and what their symptoms are so I can monitor them closely. JMHO
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My youngest dd is 14 months old and unvaccinated. At present I could not imagine purposefully exposing her to any illness. While I understand why some parents choose this for their children I don't see myself deliberately exposing her to disease. I will even avoid it if I can. I will not keep her from experiencing daily life and going out and about, but say I am in public and someone is coughing, I will avoid close contact with them. I may feel different when she is older.
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I definitely want to expose my kids to the chicken pox when they're young so they're protected against it when they're adults - when the disease can have much worse consequences.
I'm thinking mumps too, if I can. I guess I would rather expose them when I know they're healthy, strong and young. If I know what they've been exposed to then I can keep them away from others/public for the appropriate amount of time and know what it is when they get sick so we can deal with it appropriately.
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At this point I can't imagine deliberately exposing my daughter, but I just posed my question to DF and he says he is "all for it".

Partly it is for selfish reasons. I have never had CP and have no titres, and at current continue to deny the vaccine for myself. So I know if I expose my kid I will likely get it too. I know that unless I get the vax (and likely even if I do) I will run the risk of contracting it myself... but I still don't think I want to be deliberately exposed.

I do understand why people make other choices though, especially selective/delayers who are trying to contract certain diseases by school age to avoid the vax.
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