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My intact DH was born in 1966 and moved to the US when he was 4. I didn't know much about the circ debate when I learned that we were having a boy, who is now 2. My research showed that the locker room thing was a myth, and I told my DH about how I knew about the "myth of the locker room" and he was a little "huh?" I explained about how it's a myth that intact boys get harassed and ridiculed in the locker room...but he said that for him, it wasn't a myth. That he had been ridiculed, which I found surprising. But even so, and even not keeping up-to-date with the issue or how the current trends are going, when I asked him what we were going to do (I was mainstream-pregnant...I left it up to the DH) he still wanted our DS intact. So even if he WAS made fun of, he still wanted to keep his son natural and pure...and I him for that!
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I'll repost what I said in another thread, although it pretty much echos everything else the guys here have been saying.

I'm an intact man. I've never been teased about my penis. Most kids are shy about being naked in general anyway, and in school, I never got completely undressed if I could help it. The hard truth is guys don't stand around locker rooms comparing penises. It just doesn't happen. Most guys try very hard NOT to look at other guys' penises for obvious reasons. Even if a circ'd guy accidently sees an uncirc'd guy, he doesn't start saying, "Haha! You're intact! Nah nah nah!" Even if he did, you could counter with, "Why were you staring at my penis? Are you trying to tell me something?"

It's a non-issue.
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Just to add to everybody else. My brother, who turns 47 this month, is intact. I don't know that he was the only one in school, but it's not unlikely, as circ rates were high in 1963. I don't think he was ever teased or bullied about it. No - he wouldn't have mentioned it to me, but I picked up on a lot, by being a bookworm, who was able to still pay attention to what was going on around me (wonder when I lost that??). He didn't want his boys circ'd, so I don't think it was a big issue, yk?

He did get teased and bullied for being small, skinny and a smart-ass...but not for having a foreskin.
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I see that I've already responded to this thread!!
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Originally Posted by Sharlla View Post
DP is 30 and intact and he's never had a "locker room" experience that I hear so much about from everyone. Both my son's are intact and many of their peers are as well, I certainly don't think it will be a problem.l Men don't just stand around naked checking out each other's junk.
My dh is 28 and intact. He has never had an issue in the locker room either.
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