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kids want a garden mom w/ black thumb!

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ok I kill every plant that comes near me
the kids really want to plant a garden and I just have NO clue what to do, where to search, so many website have virus bugs attached to them I dont want to do a broad search so I'm lost ladies!!!

I'd love tomatoes and maybe zucchini or strawberries but dont know how hard those things are to grow or any clue about what to do to the ground or ANYTHING
looking for a push in the right direction!!
thanks mamas!!
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The easiest thing to do is find a local group or gardener and throw yourself on their mercy ... Seriously, most people are so willing to share their expertise. Also, I find it a lot easier to plant things like tomatoes by buying starts, instead of from seed.

It will depend a bit on where you live and your kind of soil, but things that are pretty darn hard to kill (at least in my world!): raspberries, zucchini, squash. Try growing a few things, and see how you all do!
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In my experience, tomatoes are really easy, as long as you keep them watered. If you get a bush variety, you can put them in pots. I also like bush beans, sunflowers, squash, and pumpkins. And I agree with mamafish, buying tomatoes already started is a lot easier.

Either a raised bed or a container garden would probably be the easiest way, since you won't have to do as much work tilling or digging up the soil.
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Just put some compost in and plant. The plants suggested are perfect to start out with. You could also do radishes. I get a yard of compost from a local gravel yard for $20.

In the next year I would find some good garden books to read. I recommend "The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food" and a lot of the mamas around here recommend "How To Grow More Vegetables" by John Jeavens. I haven't had time to read the last one, soon I hope.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions. Come join us on the Food Growing Mamas thread.
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You might want to start with containers. Fun for kids and a bit less overwhelming. You don't have to make a big commitment to building beds, etc. You can do tomatoes, cukes, strawberries, herbs, etc. in containers. Also, sunflowers are easy to grow and kids love them.

A subscription to www.organicgardening.com is worth it's weight in gold, and good for new and experienced gardeners. I love it! They also have helpful forums there.
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