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Currently for my IUIs I've been going to Conceptions, seeing DR ALbrecht and highly recommend them. As far as for IVF, we are moving over to CCRM with DR Schoolcraft, they've pioneered some new technology over there in terms of embryo transfer and have the highest IVF succcess rate in the country currently. They also offer shared risk cycles which is a major plus for us as we no longer have IF insurance coverage..

Where have you looked?? are you thinking IUI or IVF?

GOod luck.. let me know what other info I can give you
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Conceptions in Littleton? There is a conceptions in Boulder, too. It is one of the places that I looked at.

I am currently gearing up for an IUI, through a family friend, for either this cycle or next. (If I am not pregnant right now!) But we have no insurance coverage for any of it, if it weren't for the family friend, we would be able to try the IUI. Our family friend works with Conceptions, his name is Hobart Bell, he is the guy who does the actualy embryology work. And the doc I saw for Clomid and some initial consultations, Dr. Alvero, also works with Conceptions.

What kind of costs are you looking at for the IVF if you don't mind me asking?

Thanks and I will let you know if I have any other questions!

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With IVF, we are looking at between $12,000-20,000 depending on how much meds we need, we plan to do ICSI on at least 50% (so that's more $$).

I've got my IVF appt on the 26th altho we will do IVF in April/May..

Oh and I go to the Denver (Rose) Conceptions...great place
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