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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Hi! I am hoping that since you all are so helpful and creative that you can offer me some ideas. My cousin is a wonderful, super crunchy mother to her 7 month old baby but she doesn't have a huge support system. Dad is kind of in and out of the picture, he is "flaky" to put it kindly. I would really like to send her a care package for mother's day (she lives across the country from me.) I am mostly looking for ideas of things I can make. I am hesitant to send food because she is so specific about food (she is a vegan.) I can sew pretty well and am generally pretty crafty. I don't have a ton of money to spend and I know she prefers not to purchase things new so again we get into tricky territory there. I know that no matter what I send she will be touched by the sentiment but I want to make sure that it is something that will be useful to her.
Hopefully you have some great ideas for me! Thanks!!!
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There's a lot of vegan dark chocolate out there, if you want to send something sweet. Maybe some pure maple syrup, since a lot of vegans don't use honey. I know if someone sewed me a pretty, functional, washable apron I would be most delighted, and I think most crunchy moms could use such an item. Or maybe some herbal sachets? Or a flax seed eye pillow with some lavender buds inside? Bath oils are also really easy - just pick a base like almond or grapeseed and add some fragrant oils, like lavender or chamomile. Hope this helps!
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