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Anyone have any breastmilk recipes?

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I have milk that my son will not take from a bottle in the freeze. He can feed himself with a spoon now though, I was hoping for an idea how to make breast milk pudding? or some other recipes that calls for a lot of breast milk since I have so much in the freezer I dont want to go to waste...

we fed him frozen breastmilk like an icey once. he liked that. He's 11 months.
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Could you make smoothies? Maybe put a few ounces in with a half banana and some other fruit or berries.
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how will he drink them? I suppose if I made it really thick then he could spoon feed himself? thanks for the idea! he is learning to drink from an open cup it seems, but still needs practice.
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what about using your thawed BM for milk in cereal/oatmeal?
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I have used mine in baking things like cake andd muffins. I don't think it is thick enough for things like pudding....maybe I am wrong. I've never tried it.
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muffins would totally work. and I have the best recipe for banana muffins too

thanks for the ideas ladies!
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We freeze it all the time, and he loves it when he's hot. We also mix it with yogurt, and even freeze that sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Super Glue Mommy View Post
how will he drink them? I suppose if I made it really thick then he could spoon feed himself? thanks for the idea! he is learning to drink from an open cup it seems, but still needs practice.
I was picturing it thinned out and him drinking it from a sippy cup, but the other way could work, too. I don't have any actual experience feeding an older baby, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.
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he wont drink from anything but the breast or (with help and a bit messy) an open cup. thats why im at a bit of a loss, otherwise I would just give him the milk from the freezer thawed lol.

I actually thought your idea was really good though, I'm going to try something like that I think
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Put it in the blender with some fruit and some crushed ice. The ice will thicken it up enough to eat it with a spoon. Banana will also thicken it nicely if you use a lot. You can just put the ice in a paper bag or wrap it in a towel, and whack it with a hammer to crush it; the blender will do the rest.

My DS would never, ever take a bottle. I worked part-time from when he was 4 months old, and the only way to get BM into him when I was gone was to blend it with crushed ice and spoonfeed.

You can use it any way you'd use cow's milk, I suppose. What about over oatmeal? Or to make a cream soup-- add some to chicken soup, for example?

Do you have any experience making yogurt? You can make BM yogurt.

And if you can get hold of a popsicle mold, BM popsicles are a nice treat for baby in the hot weather.
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When I got pregannt with DS2, DS1 was only 5 months old, and hwen my milk mostly dried up, he was 7 mo. He refused to take a bottle or drink from a cup, so we were really struggling to get enough liquid/nutrition in him through the broiling DC summer (he was eating solids, but not enough). So it was mostly formula we were struggling with, not milk (I had built up a freezer stash pumping while I was in school and then I was going to be off for four months so I donated it -- literally days before I found out I was pregnant and would have needed it formy own son).

The most success we had in the 2-3 months before he resigned himself to a bottle was with very, very formula-ed-down baby cereal and feeding him Joes'Os with one O to one spoonful of formula. (He was too smart to drink a spoonful of formula plain...go figure.)
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I wanted to make BM yogurt, I bet that would be PERFECT but im not feeling qute that adventurous yet!

your ideas are awesome Llyra, thank you!

i like the cereal idea too!
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Any chance he would drink through a straw. That was my oldest DD's favorite was to "eat" yogurt and smoothies.
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try potato soup...my recipes is: start with small cubed ham bits,  add....Bearcreek cheesy potato soup mix, instructions say add water  but I add breastmilk only and then the potatos and slow cook till potatos are soft and add more cheese...I also add breastmilk to my coffee, cereal, cakes, blend strawberries, bananas, blueberries and breastmilk and make popcicles..hot chocolat....its all good  of course you know there are STEM CELLS IN BREASTMILK THAT heal and have anti aging qualities.. also continuing to lactate allows you to live a life free of tumors and cancer...good luck

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Any recipe that calls for milk works. Just use a bit less sugar since human milk has more sugar than cow's milk.

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This is not a food but I have heard of making soap from your breastmilk.  I am trying to find a good recipe for this for my own freezer stash that I can't feed to baby right now.

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