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Box help!

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I am trying to find a low-cost way to organize dd's craft supplies. Right now, I have a hodge-podge of boxes with all of the supplies divvied up based on what fits in the boxes Needless to say, this system is inefficient, difficult to store, and results in the stuff never getting used as it is too hard to find what we need at any given time. I have a less-than-ideal storage space available for this stuff. Right now, I have a 3x2x3 foot section of cabinet. I do have a long-term plan but will probably not happen for a few more years. We unschool and I would like for dd to be able to find her stuff and do whatever she wants with little input from me. I pulled everything out and divided it by "type". For instance, there is a sewing pile, a knitting pile, a paint pile, a playdough pile, a beading pile, a sticker pile, etc.... I have about 12 piles. I would like to find identically-sized boxes that can be labeled and stacked in the available storage area. This type of box would be perfect:


They are cheap, reusable when we upgrade to a better system, and I could pick a size that would fit perfectly in the space. However, they come in bundles of 50. I have scoured the net looking for a place that sells them individually. Now, 50 would still cost far less than using rubbermaid or other storage boxes I priced out at the local office store. But I have no use for 38 of them and it feels sort of wasteful to "bring them into the world". I really have no place to store the remaining 38 until I needed them. I have asked around to friends and office-people I know, and no one wants to go in on an order. Anyone know where I could order these boxes in smaller quantities or has a better idea?
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You know, I've seen boxes like these in the recycling bins behind our paper products/stationary store. (Yes, I rummage for shipping supplies regularly!)
Maybe check out a store like this in your area - even a Staples or Office Depot - if you tell them the dimensions you need I bet you could get them free.
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or order the case of 50, and offer the rest up for sale on craigslist?
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Or free on craigslist.
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