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feel like the best response is, "Of course, ALL babies are good."
That's a great response. "A good baby? She's a WONDERFUL baby!"

My baby nursed for 20 minutes every hour last night. I think she caught a cold from my toddler. Luckily the breastmilk relieved some congestion but I was still up all night (she could not lay flat, I tried to suction but seriously was afraid of giving her a lobotomy). Of course, the one night I open my bottle of wine "to get a good night's sleep". Her night is still mid-day right when I usually do stuff with DD#1. Good because we can get stuff done, bad because I'm still on two cups of coffee a day. I had bought a HUGE stash of fair-trade organic Millstone when it was on sale a long time ago for $6.50 / lb () and it's almost gone!

On the other hand, she is noticeably plumper today from all that comfort nursing. I think she has actually got her elbow-dimples in! She is sleeping now.