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thanks for the links to more great birth images! I think it is soooooooooooo important for first-time moms to SEE the part that's blurred out on TV. Vaginas were made to birth babies, after all--it can be done, & it's nice to see it done!
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Thanks for the pictures. I was born in the caul (didn't even know the name for it) I'm going to do some research on it. I'm 39weeks tomorrow and anxious for this little gal to make an appearance. Also hopeing my planned vbac works out.

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Cool pics, Pam.. thanks for sharing!

Ezra was born in the caul, but I didn't get a chance to see it and since it was only Mike, our MW and her assistant at the birth, no one was taking pictures. Mike said it reminded him of the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring when the Orcs are being 'born', how ds was squirming inside his sack before our MW broke it open for him. Her assistant (a former L&D nurse) said it was the cleanest birth she'd ever seen (I had him on our bed).

He was only the second baby our MW had caught that was born in the caul, and she's caught a lot of babies (including my friends' breech twins, at home)...

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I visited your website and very cool! I have a question though, one of the pics of the babies, Haden?, was 13 pounds? Is that right? And he was born at home? How did that go?

Your website was very helpful as I am considering HBAC. It led me to a lot of sources that I hadn't seen yet. Thank you so much for the wonderful info!
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I actually had TWO 13lb babies born in my practice last year. Both were vaginal births at home. The second had a shoulder dystocia, but baby needed no resuscitation and was fine.
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wow..that is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Thanks for posting!
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Pam- thanks so much for alll the pictures, congrats to all the moms and babies!!! This is going to be great preparation for my 2 children, i have been talking about what to expect, now i have a variety of photos to show them. Yippie!!!!
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Thanks for posting those great photos!

I have a silly question about babies born in the caul. Does the placenta detach as the baby emerges? The placenta is inside the amniotic sac, right?

I had the chance to take a good look at my friend's placenta and it was attached and inside the sac, as far as I could tell. So, I wondered if babies born in the caul are coming out with the placenta immediately behind them, or does it all stretch?


Thanks to anyone who sheds light on this!

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It does stretch - and usually only so far. Once the baby rotates and the body starts to emerge, the bag will usually break.
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Slightly T

I read in a book somewhere that back in the day, a baby who was born in the caul was said to be protected from ever drowning, and in another book I read that they were gifted with the "sight" (psychic abilities).
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Thank you so much for the links. The stories and photos are all so amazing and real and TRUE!!
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Great pictures & story--I think that baby is so cute--I love newborns!

OT: Pam, I am floored by your sig line quote--I want to get that put onto a bumper sticker or t-shirt. I've never seen it before!
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Thanks for those pics!

I love being at a birth where the bag is intact until the babe emerges. Doesn't happen too often, usually the bag breaks about 1-2 contractions before the baby is born, if it hasn't broken already. But man, it is a sight, the bag crowning, the amniotic fluid and vernix swirling around in front of the baby's head. It is like looking at a little universe. Something new and expanding, know what I mean?

And those babies always have such round perfect heads.

I, too have heard that they won't drown; but I hadn't heard the one about them becoming prophets!

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hmmm... I wanted to chime in about the "psychic" abilities.

A good older friend of mine talked about her grandmother being born in the caul, and she had psychic abilities and was a mid-wife. Apparently it runs in her family. But she had said something about being born in the caul meant you could see the other side.

Makes you wonder.
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I think that if my membranes were not ruptured, my baby would have been born "in the caul". I wonder how many women who have their membranes ruptured, would have had a baby born "in the caul"?

Now I know what that means! I was always wondering about gr8fulmom's sig line.
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Re: cool!

Originally posted by *Mamajaza*
I wonder how many women who have their membranes ruptured, would have had a baby born "in the caul"?

We very very rarely break a bag of waters. Maybe once this year we did, out of 120+ births.

We have about 2-5 babies a year whose bag of water doesn't break until the head emerges. Another 30% or more (probably more, I'm just guestimating) have the bag of water break about 2-4 contractions before the baby is born.

I would say that at least half of the bags of water break between transition and birth, when you don't mess with things. Maybe even a much greater percentage. I will have to pay attention to that for the next several months, and check more closely to see what the actual percentages are.

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