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Is this real?

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Finally got a positive test (the 5th I had taken). Have been waking up each morning trying to stay patient. Thought I should wait a few more days, but couldn't help myself and took another test (last Thursday morning). Wow, I felt such joy, and fear, seeing the "pregnant" sign.

I immediately told my sweetie still in bed. Haven't told anyone else yet. Would like to, but am kind of scared of breaking my bubble of sweet happiness. I am afraid my mom will be guarded in her response.. knowing we don't have health insurance and all. And just not wanting to introduce other people's judgements or fears into my sacred space. Anyone else have this feeling? How do you deal with it, 'cause eventually I do want to tell everyone and my mom would on the other hand feel left out if I didn't tell her first...
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I'm not telling my dad any time soon. I went to Arizona for a visit in February and after I got home he called me and told me I'd better not have any more kids. I was silent. I have one. Um. OK. I don't need his negativity ruining my baby bliss!
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We're trying not to tell our families soon either. I think DH's parents will be thrilled, but I know my family is going to be shocked at first, and I'm just not sure how long it will take them to get over the shock and (hopefully) become excited.
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See, I'm DYING to tell my mom! We're driving down to my parents' house this weekend, so we'll probably spill it then. I'm really lucky that we're so close. Plus, she reads too many mystery novels for me to hide the exhaustion/nausea of early pregnancy! And we seem them several times a month, so it would just be too much for me. But I'll swear them to secrecy until it's "safe" to tell the rest of the family at 12 weeks or so.
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