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Swine Flu?

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We live near to the Tijuana border. How concerned are you where you live?

Now friends who just got over their fear of being terrorized by narco-trafficers now won't visit because of the flu. poor mexico is getting hit hard.
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I live in Mexico City, the heart of swine flu, and i'm not worried at all. You just have to take the necessary precautions. But seriously, we recently moved here in September from the UK with DD. So it's kind of a turn off to live here.
We of course are moving if it gets worst. Which I don't think it will. All of this situation is pretty weird if you ask me. I actually liked that the streets were basically empty. I did my grocery shopping in peace. SO was able to stay home for a couple of days and we enjoyed eachother as he's been working a lot these days.
But it had its down sides too, everything was closed for days and we weren't able to do much. And being inside the house all day is something that DD doesnt appreciate.

But if you get it, you get it. You can go to the doctor on time and you'll be fine.
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Agreed--bunch of economic and political nonsense, if you ask me!

Glad it's over!
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