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Ds2 was about 6lb 7oz at birth and on Monday, the day before he was 9 weeks, he was 8lbs 11oz.
I apparently have a peanut baby. On Wednesday at just over 12 weeks, he was 9lb 14oz.
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our babies are twins. 13 weeks tomorrow, and this peanut was 9,14 yesterday!
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At 11 weeks, DD is 12 lbs 5 oz, 22 in. long. Up from 6 lbs 7 oz, 19 1/2 in at birth.
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Isobel was 13lbs 3oz & 22.75" on the 26th (9 weeks + 2 days).
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my little guy broke 10 pounds today!! (13 weeks, 1 day) wheeee!
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At 8 weeks 4 days (last Thursday), my Evan was 14lbs, 8oz. Breastmilk is liquid magic, I think!!
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Jacob is now 3 and 1/2 months and weighs 14 lbs! He is growing like a weed and even his little fat rolls have fat rolls, it is so cute!
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at Sam's 2 month well baby check ( he was 9 weeks 3 days) he was 16.6lbs and 25" long!!
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Went in for Maia's 8 week well baby check and she was 11 lbs, 23 inches. She was 6 lbs, 6 0z and 20 inches at birth. Almost doubled her birth weight! She's a healthy little monkey.
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Melora was 11 lbs at 6 weeks which is still small for my other babies but in the 75 percentile for her. I thought she would stay my little pixie baby but she is a chubs now.
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My little 6lb13oz baby now weighs 16 lbs at 3 months old. Wow, breastfeeding really is best
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