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The birth of my second son!

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This is a story with a scary beginning and a happy ending. My EDD was the 19th.

On Monday night, the 13th of April, there was a period of intense fetal movement around 8 or 9 pm... then nothing. I lay on my left side and did a kick count but couldn't be sure of feeling anything. I told myself it was just me being paranoid, but hours dragged on with nothing, nothing, and still nothing. Finally in the wee hours I drifted off to sleep. I kept waking up every few minutes hoping I would feel the baby moving, thinking surely it would happen soon.

Around 6:30 am DP kissed me goodbye before leaving for work. I told him what had happened and he wanted to stay home, but I said I thought everything was going to be fine. As soon as the door closed behind him, I knew it wasn't fine though. I called my provider and they said to come to the hospital ASAP. DP came back home and my mom came and got DS1. I was a wreck, alternating between crying and joking that the baby would move as soon as we were in the car headed for the hospital. But he didn't.

I was honestly astounded when we heard his heartbeat at the hospital. I didn't think we would. However, baby also failed the non-stress test. I felt relieved when my OB said didn't feel comfortable sending me home. If the doctor hadn't suggested induction, I would have begged for it. I am not a person who puts much stock in intuition, but throughout this pregnancy I'd been feeling like something was going to go wrong. This was the last straw for me. I wanted him out and in my arms where I could see him.

Labor was beautiful, even with the pitocin, antibiotics, and continuous monitoring. The nurse was an incredible lady who had managed an unmedicated, induced labor of her own and she was totally looking out for me the whole time. I'd been very apprehensive about giving birth in the hospital. Some of my fears came true, but even when they did they were not as bad as I'd imagined. For example, due to baby's distress I was grateful for the continuous monitoring (which I'd originally planned on declining). It did inhibit my movement (as did the IV), but to me it was worthwhile.

I'd studied Hypnobabies and I did use my hypnotic anesthesia for leg cramps and such during pregnancy, but it did not end up helping me much during labor. A few tools helped a little, early on, but I don't think I managed to get deep into hypnosis. There was really no denying that I was in great pain. I ended up going with my instincts during contractions--humming, rocking, meditating, or just battling through them. Most of the time it seemed more natural for me to visualize myself as fighting through the pain than rather than embracing it, denying it, or trying to transform it into something pleasurable.

DP was ... simply awesome. I can't come close to expressing how grateful I am to have him, nor just how much he helped me during labor. He whispered my cues to me, offered massage, held my hand, backed off when I needed space, and kept telling me he loved me. I remember most clearly this one moment when I was in the tub. A powerful pressure wave hit and I stood up and just swayed with it. I saw DP watching me with a look of deep love and admiration, and this empowered me so much, the wave was almost a joy to bear. I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something like "You're so beautiful". I told him I'd never imagined I could still find him this sexy even when I'm in pain. It felt so complete and so right to be there together.

In the early evening, at nine centimeters, I began to feel worn out. My lovely nurse and DP were encouraging me to continue, but I was concerned that what I was feeling could be more than just transition, given the heart issues I'd been having through this pregnancy. I didn't want to take the chance that I'd be too spent at the most critical moment. I asked for the epidural... and thank goodness it worked perfectly. I could still move my legs and feel what I needed to feel, but the pain was gone.

I pushed baby out in eleven minutes. I remember right before he came out, the monitor made some kind of alarm and the nurse said softly, "Okay, honey. This is the real thing now. You need to get him out." And I knew I could do it with that last push... and there he came. The OB coached me through pushing which was something else I'd planned on declining... but by the time this happened, I felt so peaceful and trusting of everyone around me, and my body felt right working in unison with what my doctor told me.

I heard someone say there was meconium, though I didn't see it myself. Baby was deep purple, as if bruised all over. They put him on my chest right away and he wailed as I told him over and over that everything was going to be okay. And it was.

So, he is almost two weeks old now and a champion nurser--which is why I haven't posted his story 'til now . His name is beautiful (as is his sweet, little face!) but you'll have to take my word for it.

I'm happy. I'm grateful. Everything's better than I'd hoped it would be. I feel like I must be dreaming. :
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wow, what a journey that must have been! phew! So glad everything ended up okay & you feel so good about your birth

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Congratulations and welcome baby boy!!! ::
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So grateful for the happy ending!!!

CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome baby boy!!!!!:::
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Wow, I am so amazed at your story. It always warms my heart to hear someone who followed her intuition and it paid off. Welcome baby boy and bravo, mama!
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Yeah! So glad you had a wonderful experience. I feel like my birth experience was similar. Awesome nurse and OB, everything didn't go according to my original plan exactly and I did have an epidural at 8cm, but felt like it was the right decision and was grateful that it worked well and helped me through the last few hours.

Congrats and thanks for sharing! :
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Congrats!! Glad it all turned out!

Baby Boy!
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Congratulations, and welcome, baby boy!
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*whew* I got flashbacks.
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congratulations on your baby boy!
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: Congratulations! :
Thank-you for sharing your story. The way you connected with your DP brought tears to my eyes. :

Welcome, baby!
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What an amazing story!

Scary, I'm so glad everyone is ok.

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