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Oh, ditto bobandjess. I couldn't do it. Never in a million years. I don't think anyone gets what a really, really bad cook I am. I try so hard but nothing comes out the way it is supposed to. I can bake all right, so I don't know why I can't cook. Although the cornbread I make (all from scratch! Although no grinding involved hee!) comes out differently every. single. time. I follow the same recipe, measure the ingredients, and it never comes out the same. This is how all my cooking experiences go. I'm the absolute worst at cooking meat, unless I can just toss it in the crockpot.

I am happy to say that tomorrow's dinner will be completely from scratch: baked chicken (in the crockpot) steamed brocolli (although it is frozen, it's what I have on hand) and salad. I will cut up my own spinach, carrots, and mushrooms, and grate my own cheese for the salad.

That is about the limit of my cooking ability. Tonight's dinner was Hamburger Helper.
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It's like the articles that tell you to save money and lose weight by not having that daily frappachino. Or give a list of 10 ways to have a cleaner home and one of the items is changing to plain white paper towels.
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Originally Posted by songbird45 View Post
while I totally agree with your rant, there are LOTS of people who go to the market without a list, throwing things that look good into their cart. my mom shops 2-3 times a week for her family of 2 because she does this. Also, some stores (particularly farm market type produce stores in the winter) are not conducive to list shopping - sometimes the produce looks good, other times it doesn't, so it's better to go and pick out what looks good after you get there.
For those places I put "soup vegetables" "stir fry vegetables" "new vegetable" on my list and then buy what looks good that would go into those categories.
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Originally Posted by Leta View Post
You think? DH said something to that effect the other day, and I was just kind of like, "Oh, pshaw".

I was thinking, though, of approaching our co-op with the idea of teaching a workshop that was one of those Super Supper type things, where I'd teach people how to make ingredients from scratch and then assemble meals that freeze and reheat well. (No, we don't have Super Suppers around here.) I taught a class for the co-op once about making your own cleaning products, and that was very well received. Maybe I'll call them tomorrow.
My DH wants me to start showing people in a class this type of thing. I have already had a few people approach me about showing them how to cook. A Mom friend borrowed a few cookbooks one time and while looking thru it, the recipe called for "stock". I had to explain what that was and then I gave her some of my frozen stock to use. When her DH gave the books back to my DH, he mentioned what a good cook I was!

and to the wohm point-
Honestly, if I was getting home at 6pm or later like my DH, there would be no scratch cooking here as well. When I walked in the door, I would focus on my other FT job, being a parent which is much more important. I know a few people who have told mamas who hold FT jobs outside their home, cook on weekends! Add that to the 1000 plus other things you are doing on these weekends. Our weekend list is huge, then add your kids' activities or parties etc and yes, its either take out, semi home made or ready made meals.

When I worked FT before we had our kids, we cooked from scratch, but I also didnt have little ones to spend time with so it makes a huge difference. Plus we took turns, which we still do since DH is an awesome cook as well.

OTH, I know families where one parent is home FT and still with all activities etc, its impossible to get cook from scratch meals on the table. Either no knowledge, picky eaters, allergies, or just plan busy with life. Also, a lot of people really never learned to cook or just plain dont like it.
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okay really, who goes to the market and just wanders the store throwing things in their cart aisle after aisle?
I've been known to do this
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Our local community magazine had an article about a family that cutting costs dramatically and saving a ton of money. They had great tips like only getting the car washed once a month and only getting manicures for special occasions.
We don't have a tv so my commercial television viewing is really limited. Well, I was over at mil's (never turns the thing off) and they had an investment banker on the news talking about what a great investment the low cost of airline tickets were these day. Seriously???
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Originally Posted by artgoddess View Post
Shop with a list to avoid impulse buying. - okay really, who goes to the market and just wanders the store throwing things in their cart aisle after aisle?
A loooong, long time ago mind (10+ years). Dp and I were first married, had more income than sense, our first house, no kids and would go shopping whenever we felt like. More often than not we were hungry at the time.

Those were the days

Now it's a list made from a meal plan, a strict CASH budget and a time limit as we usually have our 3 satellites with us, all trying to orbit in different directions. Dp likes the challenge of coming in under budget. It's almost like we're grown ups now
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