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Oh my goodness ladies............

Look at this!

After 5 IUIs, I am finally Pregnant! Can you believe how dark that second line is??!!! YAY!!

Thank you all soooo much for the love and support. I couldn't have made it without you!!!
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Yay Nummies! Woo hoo!!! Congratulations!!! ::::
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Laci: Yeah, cysts suck.

nummies: Congrats! :

AFM: Nothing much here--just hoping my cysts have gone away so we can get on with this.
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Hi everyone.

I will be doing my first IUI very soon. I am a single mom of an almost 5 year old and I thought everything was fine until my already short cycles dropped to 18 days and my day3 ultrasound showed that I had a total of 5 follicles (I will be 25 years old this month...). I am so glad I decided to have another child and did not wait a few more years only to find out I had no more eggs.

So now I will be starting Femara and doing donor IUIs. If my period agrees to hold off until the end of next week, I will be starting then. If it starts before that, I'll wait another 18 days before starting since I did not yet order donor sperm and I do not want to be rushed. I also want to give my daughter a little more time to come to terms with not nursing while I am on Femara.

I work at a fertility clinic so it makes this whole experience really interesting for me.

So, to make it short, please add me to waiting to be ready.
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Question for those of you who have cysts or have had IUIs. I had two this week on Tues and Wed. I have been so crampy all week. The same thing happened last month but not as bad. I can barely walk my tummy hurts so bad.

I don't know what it could be, maybe all the follicles that didn't release have turned into cysts. For those of you that have cysts do you have a lot of cramping? Or if you had and IUI did you cramp for a few days?
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
Oh my goodness ladies............

Look at this!

After 5 IUIs, I am finally Pregnant! Can you believe how dark that second line is??!!! YAY!!

Thank you all soooo much for the love and support. I couldn't have made it without you!!!
So happy for you. When is your beta???:::::::
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AFM: CD5 lupron and gonal. as well as AP(why not) hoping this one takes!
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Laci- My beta was today 106! I have another one on Monday. Good luck this cycle!!
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Nummies- Love that beta!!!!!! Keep us posted!!
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I sure will! I have another beta tomorrow AM. Hoping that it doubles!
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nummies - wooooooooo hooooooooo CONGRATS!!! Very excited for you hun!!:

soso-lynn - you're cycles are very short!! I hope af stays away so you can do your IUI!
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How was today's beta Nummies? :
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Well.. I have been lurking for a while with the feeling my path was headed this way. We met with the RE for the first time today. We did SA's about a year ago, Clomid in the fall, and my HSG 2 months ago. Today we did another SA (low sperm count and morphology) and a pelvic ultrasound (normal). So, we are moving on to IUI next cycle. Today is CD1 so we have a while before we start the process. We did our z-pack today and bloodwork. Next cycle we will do Femara with Ovidrel shot to induce ovulation... he will then give me progestrone. He said with DH's SA - he only wants to try this 2-3 cycles then move on to IVF - I am not ready for that so... I hope this works. I will follow you ladies this month and jump in next month.

I whish you all luck this month and hope you are not here next!!
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I thought I'd just take a peek at this thread to see if there were any new graduates.
Nummies I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations!!! :

We are still waiting to be ready and it might be awhile since our first appt at the fertility clinic isn't until mid-June and they may want and hsg and possibly other tests before deciding how to proceed (likely IUI with injectibles). Thanks for keeping me on the list. Best of luck this month, everyone!
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aprilmom- Good luck!

Daisy- Oops, I must have missed posting it here, my beta yesterday was 368, so it more than tripled!
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Oh Nummies, that's wonderful news!!!
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Congratulations Nummies! It is amazing how happy I am feeling for someone I don't even know!

Laci -- It seems like your cysts are gone. Yippee! Glad you are "working it" this cycle!

I had my IUI #3 today. Still hating this Doctor, but found another one here in town and have already scheduled an appointment (which I will gladly cancel for the right reasons!!!)

Wishing everyone lots of beautiful baby-dust!
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Nummies that's fantastic::: What an awesome BETA!!!

Good luck to those of you with cysts (sorry, I am so tired that I cannot think straight).

AFM: DS has hopefully been accepted into a behavioral needs based school. CD9 had U/S and it showed one lonely, but beautiful 18mm follie! So we did all of our meds, but cannot afford to do the IUI. I took my trigger shot just before we heard from the school. So, I guess I will use some OPKs, and DTD for the next week. DH has been very amorous lately, so I guess that it's ok :-)

Our prayers are with everyone this cycle.
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Thank you all so much!

How is everyone doing this cycle?

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I messed up giving myself an injection-must have hit something and i have a bruise the size of texas.
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