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Also stopping in to say

this happened to my DD (7). It was her two front bottom teeth. The dentist looked at it and said it was probably fine to leave them, but offered to pull them. DD was comfortable with that, so we decided to go ahead and do it. Her baby teeth were not loose AT ALL and there was some concern that, due to that fact, it could interfere with the surrounding teeth if we left them in to loosen and fall out on their own. She was a late teether and just lost her second tooth (naturally) a few months ago. She didn't have this issue with the others.

She had no issue with having them "wiggled out". (seperate days, mind you. She went back for MORE, willingly. I don't get this kid sometimes. Lol)We have a WONDERFUL ped dentist who is fine with not doing flouride, flouride free toothpaste, etc. He was very good with her and that made all the difference.
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I had to have 7 baby teeth pulled because of this. I got and lost my teeth late.
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We just discovered last night while examining dd's loose tooth that both her bottom incisors are about half way through behind her baby teeth!  I'm not sure how this happened without us noticing sooner!  But at any rate, both baby teeth are somewhat loose- one more than the other.  I've been encouraging her to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, but I'm afraid she'll have to have them both pulled.  greensad.gif  But it sounds like maybe not?  Maybe we can keep wiggling them until the adult teeth are even with the baby teeth and then they'll need to come out?  For those of you that went through this, how was the pulling process?

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We just went through this. One of his bottom teeth was very wiggly and he had a new tooth coming in. He had a cleaning scheduled the dentist encouraged us to pull both bottom teeth. He was able to see the second tooth. The very wiggly tooth came out simply. The second, less wiggly two took a couple of pulls. DS was given and made the decision to do it and he was fine throughout. I thought the results looked horrifying big gaps and I instantly regretted it. Mouth "wounds" always look terrible ykwim? But within 24 hours it wasn't bed looking and within 48 hours it wasn't even noticable. Also, within 48 hours the second tooth really showed.


In short, it was a good choice and it wasn't a big deal. Plus, the tooth fairy gave $5 for two first teeth which delighted DS.

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