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Baby Pants Pattern

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I am looking for either: a good basic baby pants pattern (that I can use to make jeans, so not for stretch fabric), or a book or magazine with that pattern, or tips to draft one that are simple (other than "trace existing pants", since most of his pants are stretch pants).

Any recommendations?
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The Ottobre design magazine is what you need!

Google it to see what you think then see if you can order it locally or have it delivered.
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I drafted a pattern for Lina by getting online pictures of pants patterns. I did one with no side seam with the legs as single pieces. The key to the crotch curve is that the straight parts of the curve should be on the grain.

http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/baby-...y-pattern.html was my starting point.

The waist I did as 1/2 her widest point + an inch.

I did use her stretch pants to help mark out the crotch curves for the first try. I started by marking things directly onto cheap fabric. Took a couple tries to get it right and once it was right I traced the working version onto cardboard.

I posted pictures of the pants in the show off the clothes thread.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/sapphire_chan/3483581700/ is the first pair that worked, you can see that they managed to fit fairly well even with her diaper needing to be adjusted.
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I used this...

It was my first time clothing sewing. I did not use a t-shirt, I used flannel (and just hemmed the bottom). They turned out great! As a matter of fact I also made a pair of matching booties from the same flannel fabric. Dd got lots of compliments and it was so easy to do.

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