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Meal planning for 14 mo old

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How do you get all those veggies and fruits on such a small package?

My son daily food intake
6-8oz of fresh fruit
8 oz of greens with chicken or lentils or barley. Greens are brocolli, green beans and peas.
1 slice of whole grain bread
18 oz of whole milk

Once a week he does a different veggie; sweet potato, eggplant or beet

That is it. And he eats with good appetite and has lots of energy.
He goes to preschool and all teachers say he is the most active, the happier (harly ever cries) and the one that eats the best from a classroom with 6 toddlers. I too see him very active and happy in the evenings and weekends.

I took him to the doctor because of a cough that turned out to be croup, but he is also anemic!
I felt terrible
ok, ok I am doing red meat now once a week and he is on floridex (a herbal iron supplement that does not cause constipation)

How can I ensure I am doing proper meal planning? I have been struggling with this for months!
I thought I was doing great.

Please help!!!
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Generally by this age kids eat what we eat. Are you getting an iron-rich diet yourself? Remember that spinach and other leafy greens also have iron. You can boil these slightly and they wilt down into very edible textures. I like to put a touch of butter or cream on top as well.

ETA: Oh, and don't beat yourself up! It's not the end of the world and you are fixing it. You sound like a terrific Mama. Trust me none of us manage perfectly balanced, healthy meals all the time but we all try
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That is exactly my problem; I am not eating a balanced nutritious diet myself.
I would actually eat better if I ate what he eats!

I have been trying to figure out a meal plan for me but I am still struggling with it. I ask all my friends how they do it but they do too much eating out or have a very limited diet; Rice, beans and meats.

I have the super baby food book and like wholesome baby food website.
I tried to design a menu for him but clearly it needs some tuning when it comes to iron. I also hear that the chicken legs have more than the breast?

I think meat once a week, add spinach and kale and the supplement will resolve the anemia, but I am left wandering if I will then miss on a vitamin, a mineral or some other nutrient.

ok, some specific questions.
Lentils, for example, how often do you do them?
Do you think I should pay for a nutritionist? oh! I think my local health store has one I can consult for free...I can check that!
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I find several resources for babies: until 12 months old, and then for todddlers:from 2 years old
. What in heaven do I feed him from 1 to 2?
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Fix yourself and the whole family will be fixed! If you're not eating well he will not be eating well. Thats just how it works!
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ok, where do I get started, I need a dummy proofed method.
I called the nurse line at my insurance and they recoomended http://www.mypyramidtracker.gov/ I am giving it a shot...

Some background:

I was never allowed in the kitchen growing up, I know plenty about nutrition because I have studied lots, but the practical aspects of making it happen are a mistery for me. My food is very flavorful, I guess because I cook like Ratatouille (the rat in the movie) I use my sense of smell and some creativity.
I only started cooking seriously since my son turned 6 mo and started solid foods.

Also, being an only child on a small family, I didn't have babies around me growing up, I didn't even play with dolls! So all I do now is instinct and reading books.

Now, all my friends have older/adult kids and they cannot help me much since they believe I am "too natural" so our mothering styles do not match. They are still good friends, but sigh a lot when they see the way I take care of my baby.

What I am trying to say is that what for others is so simple, for me is as complicated as wall street investing.

I wish I had some sort of feeding trainer behind me telling me exactly what to do for a couple of weeks so I can figure all this out. ok, for 3 weeks.

Can anybody help? I am trying really hard, but I already skipped breakfast
I left it on the counter when I left home this morning, it was cinamom oatmeal and an apple...

Baby steps, what do I do first?
Imagine you were teaching this to a 3 year old....or to a visitor from out of space.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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