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Quebec - Lasalle hospital for birthing

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Has anyone birthed there? I heard that even though the practitioners are doctors, they encourage as natual a birth as can be. No forced procedures...

Does anyone have experience there? My last, I birthed in a Birthing Center in the US and it was great! I'm looking at options closer to home, rather than going into the US again.

(We have a Birthing center close, in CDN, and many of my friends birth there, but I don't like the place.)

Thank you, Ana
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When I worked as a doula I had quite a few clients who birthed there. The family practice docs there are generally really good. It's not a bad hospital and there are bonuses like - jacuzzi bathtub in every room. Once you have a room - you stay there, it's your room for labor and birth and postpartum, no room sharing!
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The only thing I can tell you about Lasalle is that they are the only hospital in Mtl. that has birthing tubs. They are also quite new so their facilities are very nice. The docs all clamour to do their OB residencies there. (I have friends)

Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of specialists in all of Quebec right now so it's anyone's guess if you'll actually be able to get hooked up with an OB-GYN that has privileges there My GP had recommended it to me with referrals and everything and in the end we were just scrambling to get anyone at all willing to take me on. It was getting to the point where we were wondering if we'd have to go into the emergency room sans doctor when I went into labor LOL : I have many friends that ended up having to have those early tests done at private clinics because they had no OB to refer them into the system, yet many tests have specific windows.

Just a warning about how things are working here nowadays - you need to be very proactive, and aggressive, and may have to take time off work to call for repeated days to get yourself that first foot-in-the-door appointment. If you're used to the US, prepare for a huge difference in the way things work here.

I ended up with my doc by calling in some favors, and delivered at the Vic. Liked the doc, not the Vic I had to bring my own fan. In August. Another popular place to deliver is the Jewish, but AFAIK they're not into more natural procedures either - they just have newer facilities. And central air. There might be more in the French system, but I am not familiar with them beyond St.-Justine which is really more for high-risk. Maybe there are other birthing centres here - I don't know, but wish I had checked that option out more.
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If you need a referral or want more info on the LaSalle - PM me. I can get you a doc there.
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My second was born at the Jewish, not terrible, but wasn't the greatest. I have a great Dr., but it's not the US, and if you're after hours, your doctor doesn't come, so didn't help!

My next, I went to the US and had a great birth, and would like to figure out what to do next. Either go to the US, hope my next will be in the middle of the day, Mon.-Fri., or Lasalle.

There are 2 birthing centers around. One is really old, but people like it there. Many of my friends birth there. YOu have to sign up the minute you know you're pregnant. (I wasn't comfortable with it.)

The other one is a bit far for me.

Thanks for the advice so far.
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I just found out I was pregnant, about 5 weeks. I wanted to have a midwive but non would take me because I don't live in montreal but on the south shore. Anyway, I called right away for a doctor for the lasalle hospital and I have an appointement next month. I am still a bit apprehensive of a hospital birth, but if anyone can reassure me of lasalle it would help... Thanks everyone
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Hi Memz,

I have heard good things about Lasalle. My acupuncturist worked in their prenatal clinic for a while. They encourage rooming-in of mom and baby.

Good luck with this pregnancy!
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If you give birth on weekdays from Jan. to April, there is a co-op acupuncture program in Lasalle hospital. You can get free acupuncture for labor inducing and pain reducing, otherwise you need to pay extra 500 CND for booking an acupuncturist if you don't want to use any med. but really want to do something to reduce the pain.

This program is provided by Acupuncture Dept. of Rosemont College. It's the only institute in Quebec for acupuncturist training. The only problem is, they work as a team, so you will have 3~4 strangers (including acupuncture students and prof.) in your room. However, I found it was very useful for the natural birthing, acupuncture really helped me shorten the labor time and reduced the pain. The acupuncturists there were very nice, too.

I remember there was an article about acupuncture and pregnancy/labor on Mothering, but I can't find it now. There is an article (in French) talks about this topic:
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I gave birth at Lasalle almost two years ago. I thought it was wonderful, at least compared to the other two hospitals I've birthed at. I found them to have a very easy laid back philosophy. They don't push you into doing anything you don't want to do. They let you eat in your room if you want. They totally complied with my birth plan.

I only gave birth there once so it could be that I was just there on a good day, but I was referred so maybe they really are pretty good. And like I said before, *you* might not find them as good as somewhere you've birthed before, but compared to the last two place I'd birthed. Oh MY GOODNESS, Lasalle General took the cake hands down.

They also give a stellar epidural (not that you're interested in that lol!)

I plan to birth there again in the summer
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I have heard good things about Lasalle hospital. My friend gave birth there in the spring and she really liked it. I have a doctor now he is at the St. Mary's hospital. I will have my first appointment with him next week, I have lots of questions and if it doesn't seem good I will try to get in at Lasalle. I am on all the waiting lists at the birth center's. I put my name on the minute I found out which was before my period was due, I am really hoping to get in. From what I have heard its not easy. I went with a friend to help while she gave birth at the birth center in Pt. Claire and it was amazing. The facility is perfect and the midwives were amazing. I wish there were enough birthcenters to meet the demand here.
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I've worked at Lasalle quite a bit as a doula and it isn't bad. I think the doctors are generally pretty good. There are a few nurses that can be a bit high and mighty but many good ones as well. I LOVE that there are tubs in EVERY room and that you stay in the same room the whole duration.

If I were to birth in a hospital in Montreal, I might choose the Jewish General BUT with the family practice and not OBGYNs. My other choice would certainly be Lasalle (but, he he he, I would get a doula in either place if you can swing it).

I was high risk with my son and was followed at the high risk clinic at Lasalle from 24 weeks on. They were VERY open with my about everything. All information was given to me immediately. They did EVERYTHING humanly possible to allow me to birth with my midwives (which did happen in the end!!). They could have been a lot more alarmist but they were excellent in that regards. I transferred to Lasalle after my daughter's birth for bleeding and they were very slow to perform any interventions (in a VERY good way) so I was also pleased in that regards.

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sorry for the late response to this somewhat old thread.

I'm going to second what Cookie5765 said regarding the Jewish. Although it is known as a "high intervention" hospital due to the fact that they deal a lot with complicated cases, you can have the birth you want there if you're stubborn and outspoken. In addition, if you're going to birth in Quebec, I've been told that it's far wiser to choose a family doctor than an OB/GYN, because family docs are much more likely to favor natural births than OBs. I had a doctor through the Herzl clinic, which was, to me, very pro-natural birth, and also happens to be right next to the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic, for awesome breastfeeding help AFTER baby has arrived. Also with regards to the Herzl, there is always a doctor on call there, after office hours are over, so if you're panicking because of x, y, z and need to talk to someone, the Herzl doc on call will call you back and have you come in for monitoring just to make you feel better. I ended up going in about 5 times during my pregnancy for "low fetal movement" and every time, they always addressed my concerns as valid.

Regarding the facilities at the Jewish, I was very happy with my huge room and the shower big enough to fit 3. Though I thought I would love being in the jacuzzi (there's only 1 there), I hated it and preferred standing in the shower...so you never know what you'll want/need while in labor. I spent my entire birth in my room, and was only transfered into another room after DD came out.

Honestly, I've heard very good things about the facilities at LaSalle, but I've also heard of difficult births there, not because of the hospital, but because the mamas weren't vocal enough about their choices. They let themselves get bulldozed over by nurses and doctors and/or didn't have a good doula to support them.

Wherever you choose to birth--a birthing center, Lasalle, the Jewish, you need to be LOUD about your desires and choices, and equip yourself with research to back yourself up. Bring your doula to your appointments if you need! It's sad but that's how it is here in Quebec. My Herzl doctors were very supportive of my choices, but that's only because I *constantly&* brought up my desire for a natural birth, free of interventions and medication. Though I had to use pit, I negociated the dosing and the amount of time I was on it (3 hrs total), and did the rest of my labor the way I wanted.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Sarahstw View Post
If you need a referral or want more info on the LaSalle - PM me. I can get you a doc there.
Hi I am writing in reference to your post. I would like a referral for an ob/gyn at Lasalle hospital.
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Originally Posted by fiery7000 View Post
Hi I am writing in reference to your post. I would like a referral for an ob/gyn at Lasalle hospital.
If you are not able to get that referral, I'm pretty sure that the Nazareth Clinic (family practitioners who deliver at Lasalle) is much easier to get into. That may be an option for you.

Also, this may be a little bit far for most of you ladies, but Anna-Laberge seems to be a really great hospital. I haven't given birth yet but I've had a really excellent experience so far. And they're supposed to be installing two big tubs this month!
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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just found out I'm pregnant, and now I'm also finding out how hard it is to plan for the birth.

I'd really prefer a midwife-assisted natural birth, and I put my name on the waiting list at the CDN Maison de Naissance today (4w3d), but I probably won't know for awhile if they'll take me on. I'm going to call the one at Pointe Claire today and try to get on their list, too.

I'm interested in finding out more about Lasalle and the Nazareth Clinic. I couldn't find much info online about them, but it sounds like that might be a good alternative for me. Also, I live in the Plateau--I don't know whether that will affect them taking me on.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello Jamilie,
I am in a very similar situation to the one you were in last Jan. I just found out I was pregnant and called all three birthing centers right away - but I am one waiting lists. I live in in Plateau and I also do not have a GP to refer me to a OB-Gyn. I am interested in giving birth at the Lasalle hospitals - as it sounds like the best and most natural if you cannot get a midwife.
What happened in the end for you? Did you get in with a midwife or did you find a doctor at Lasalle?
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Hi mintandmoss,
I just saw your post Have you had any luck finding a place yet?

Actually I was just checking around in January--I wasn't pregnant yet, but I knew I'd need to plan ahead because I'm new to Montreal and the medical system has been somewhat confusing for me!

I am pregnant now (13 weeks), and I'm also on the waiting lists at the birthing centers, which is what I'm really hoping for. In the meantime, like you, I've heard good things about Lasalle, and I ended up getting in there by contacting this clinic (without a referral from a GP): http://www.gynecolasalle.com/equipeAng.html

I've only had one appointment so far, and it seems alright, although I can't vouch for how the birthing experience is yet. It is a little far from the Plateau--that's where I am too

Anyway, best of luck--I have my fingers crossed for both of us that we get in at a birthing center!
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My baby's 9 months now, so a bit overdue of a review. My experience in LaSalle was great! They were nice, didn't force anything. It's preferable to know French, and I know almost no French, so a bit harder with the language. Most of the nurses have a broken English, though the doctors are fluent in English.

I used a Dr. at the the Nazzareth clinic.

It's great that you enter the hospital directly to the birthing dept, and don't have to take a walk through the hospital to get there.
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i gave birth there 5 weeks ago and it was great! i liked that you go directlty to l&d triage and can take a bath while you wait if you need to. that's what i did. everyone was really respectful of me and suggested things but never forced me to do certain things. they were great at explaining most things to me. i don't speak french and i noticed the nurses after my baby was born did speak broken english but it was fun helping them find the right words for something. i ended up with a c-section,but they made it less scary for then it could have been. right after everyone said how beautiful my son was.
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I gave birth there 11 months ago....a bit overdue...but let me say althought it was a hospital birth so evidently not the same as a home birth it was a good experience. Everyone is really respectful of your wishes. I had a birth plan and every time a new shift started (and there were many) they would read my birth plan. They never argued about any choices I had made. I also had a doula so there were even more hands off because they new someone was with me. There are also rooms that you can move into with a double bed and fridge if your baby has to stay longer...which we ended up using because DD was jaundiced and had to stay 2 extra days...so all and all next time I give birth if I can't get in with a midwife, I will go back to Lasalle with a doula again.

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