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I am very new to Montreal (3weeks), and am 24 months pregnant.  I called the birthing centers, I was told that they would put me on the waiting list, but there really wasn't any way I was going to get in.  I have an appointment to meet with an OBGYN at Jewish General; but I've also heard of "underground" midwifes...has anyone used one of these?  My first child was born at home (in the states) with a midwife and it was the most wonderful experience.  I'm finding it hard to settle for anything less than my perfect birth plan :/.


My e-mail is jenniferlynnreis@gmail.com if you'd rather e-mail me directly.





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Call Alternative Naissance, I've heard they can help with that...http://www.alternative-naissance.ca/ 

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I guess it's better than most hospitals, but I gave birth there 6 months ago and it was a traumatic experience for me. The nurses were very nice, but my birth plan wasn't respected at all and since my doctor refused to sign in as long as I refused to get antibiotics for strep. B, I completely shut down as soon as they gave it to me and let them do anything. I ended up with pitocin, an epidural, they broke my water and a few other things I specified I didn't want. I just didn't care anymore what they were doing... So is it better? From what I've heard of other hospitals, maybe, but it's still a hospital. Next time will definitely be a UC for me!

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Originally Posted by memz View Post

Call Alternative Naissance, I've heard they can help with that...http://www.alternative-naissance.ca/ 

I love love love them!!!
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Hello, I am 5 weeks pregnant. Got an appointment with Dr. Teodorescu at the Nazareth Clinic, has anybody had her? At the gynecology centre at LaSalle hospital they only gave me an appointment for the end of April with Dr. Anne Fortin, her ratings are not great at ratemds.com... The secretary seemed frustrated that I was even calling... in contrast, at the Nazareth clinic the service on the phone was pleasant and they gave me an appointment for next week! Any feedback on the clinic would be greatly appreciated.

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I can't help you for the Nazareth clinic I was with the Lasalle one....I never met Dr Anne Fortin, but I heard she is nice but has a high intervention rate.....

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Hello Everyone!

I'm am new here to the community forum and I would like to know if anyone here can recommend a really good obgyn at the lasalle hospital? Someone who is considerate, gentle and knows their stuff? Not someone who does not listen, rushes throught the check-up appointments and does not care for what the patient wants. I went on ratemd's to see what others had to say on there but I'm  a bit at lost as to who to choose. If someone here can help with this and can give advice what to expect on a personal base with that obgyn they would recommend.


thank you all very much,



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Hello everyone! 


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Sorry one more thing,


And if it's not at lasalle hospital can someone suggest a really good hospital in the montreal area like St. Mary's or Jewish hospital etc.. which one would you all recommend thank you.

Btw i am in my first trimester.


thanks again

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I would recommend Dr Chantal Lafortune or Dr Johanne Lalande. I wasn't followed by either one of them but Dr Lalande was there for the first 24 hours of my labour and she really is nice and listens to you. Dr Lafortune is the one that was there when I finally gave birth after 36 hours, and she is GREAT!!!!! She was with me the whole time I pushed which lasted 2h30. I absoluetly loved her!!

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thank you so much memz for this it is greatly appreciated. So I will call and see if I am able to get  dr. lafortune.

 And I commend you for being in labour for 36hrs ,  and pushing for 2h30..I think I would've said knock me out. lol your very strong and congratulations on your birth. 


Thanks again.


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Hi, can a Canadian give birth in the US? I have horror stories about every single hospital in Quebec and was considering going to Ontario (Ottawa) or somewhere close in the US. The only thing that I need to find out about is the medical coverage. In quebec, I have the Medicare and my private insurance. In Ontario, I guess somehow Medicare kicks in and the health insurance works in the rest of Canada. However, what happens if I give birth in the US? Since you gave birth there, would you know by any chance?
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Hi There,


I am in desprate need of a doc. I just realised i am pregnant after i felt a movement in my stomach and i decided to mak a pregnancy test. But i do not know how far i am in the pregnanvy as i just stop breastfeeding two weeks ago. But i know i am a little far into the pregnancy. I just moved into Lasalle area. Can someone help with a referral, i have call all clinics in the area and non is ready to accept me....I AM REALLY CONFUSE AS I NEED HELP. MY FIRST WAS BORN IN THE USA

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did you call the clsc for help? that's how i found a doc. who was your doc with your last baby? they should still be able to help you if they are in montreal, they don't need to be in lasalle.
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I know this reply is too late, but I just wanted to share my experience at Lasalle Hospital. I had a terrible experience at that hospital and I think it was due to the fact that I don't speak French. I chose to birth there because several of my husband's coworkers had recently had children there including his boss and they thought it was excellent (they are all francophone). The nurses and doctors speak English and French, but they didn't want to spend the time explaining things to me in English. For many it just had to do with them not being able to, and for others there was just attitude. Only when my husband spoke to them in French, did the nurses take the time to explain my care or the baby's care in full, otherwise I just received information in bits and pieces. I was really confused about several things such as why I needed a c-section, what I had to do for my daughter because she had low blood sugar, its implications, breastfeeding issues and my medications.


Also, I can understand French but I can't speak as well. In the operating room I heard some comments about me. I couldn't wait to leave. Unfortunately I had a c-section so I had to stay longer than most.


This hospital may be the "newer" hospitals in montreal, but it definitely didn't look that way to me. I had a horrible experience. I would never go back there again.

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