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Guess birth stats!

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Some of us are only about 8wks away!

Reply here, with your guesses on.....

Birth date:

Birth time:



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Here's mine..

Birth date: June 27 (wishful thinking--EDD is July 6!)

Birth time: 7:03am

Gender: Boy (we already know though)

Weight: 8lbs 0oz

Length: 21"

My DH guesses..

Birth date: July 2

Weight: 7lbs 9oz

Length: 20"

And, DS1 was: 5 days after EDD, 9lbs 3oz and 21"
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I really want a summer solstice baby so that would be June 21-22. But i am thinking more like June 29 around 4am. I know it's a girl and i think she will be maybe 8lbs 2oz.
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Birth date: I'm hoping for July 8 so his bd will be 7-8-9.

Birth time:3 am

Gender: boy (I know this already)

Weight: 8 lb 4 oz

Length:21 inches
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This should be fun!

Birth date: July 14

Birth time: 4:45PM

Gender: boy (I already know this)

Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz.

Length: 20"
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Birth date: June 20

Birth time: 4am

Gender: Girl (already know)

Weight: 7lbs 12oz

Length: 19 inches
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Birth date: 7/9/09

Birth time: around 2am

Gender: boy

Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz

Length: 21 inches
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I'm "due" on the 1st which makes me 31 weeks tomorrow so it must be line jumpers that are 8 weeks away

Birth date: July 8th

Birth time: uh, gee, hadn't thought of this before... 3pm?

Gender: girl (the whole family is hoping for a girl...)

Weight: 7lbs 6oz

Length: 20"
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Ooh fun! It will be neat to see how accurate we were in our guesses!

Birth date: July 12th (EDD is July 3rd)

Birth time: 3am

Gender: Boy

Weight: 7lbs 10oz.

Length: 20 in.
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I can't wait to hit the 10 weeks away mark. Time is starting to go quickly.

Birth date: July 15th. I'd really love a June 30th birthday, but July 15th is 3 days past my due date, which is the average for 2nd time moms.

Birth time: 4am. I'd love to have it in the middle of the night so there aren't any harassing phone calls being made.

Gender: Boy

Weight: 8 pound 2 ounces

Length: 21 inches
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Birth date: July 4th (wishful thinking, but ds1 is New Years so a July 4th baby would be really cool)

Birth time: 2:03am

Gender: Girl (wishful thinking again)

Weight: 9lbs 5 oz (no actually being realistic here, maybe even wishful on the lighter side!)

Length: 21"
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Oy! I am scared to do this... LOL! It will take my hopeful wishes for a 38 week birth away and replace it with reality LOL! Anyhow...

Birth date: August 1 (cringe)

Birth time: 3am

Gender: male (we know from u/s)

Weight: 8 1/2 lbs

Length: 22 inches
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Birth date: July 28 (EDD July 19)

Birth time: 7:45 am


Weight: 9lb 14oz

Length: 22 inches
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Birth date: I will be 40 weeks on July 9th, but I think Baby is coming on the 12th.

Birth time: Um... night time?

Gender: No Idea! Right this second, I think boy, but sometimes I think girl. I'm excited to find out!

Weight: 8.5 or MORE. I was 9, my littlest sister was 8.5 and two of my brothers were over 10. I know my body can do it, though!

Length: Oh, I don't know.. 21 inches?

This is making me so excited!
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Oh fun! I haven't even thought about any of this yet!

Birth Date: I say the 15th, DH says the 18th (due on the 20th)

Time: 8pm

Gender: We know its a girl!! :

Weight: 6# 4oz

Length: 20 inches
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What a fun thread!

Birth date: June 19 (desperately praying that we will get there - I am due 10 July, so 19 June will make me 37 weeks and I will be able to have a homebirth. Given that 3 of my 5 births have been between 35 and 36 weeks, 37 will be GREAT)

Birth time: Early morning - around 6am

Gender: Have no idea - we have 6 sons already (5 bio, 1 adopted), so from past experience I reckon a boy, but a girl would be a nice change

Weight: Around 2.5 kg (have no idea what this is in pounds)

Length: Around 46 cm
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My guesses:

Birth date: August 5th (due July 25)

Birth time: Ummm... I'm going to say 8:27pm.

Gender: Female (we don't know the sex, this is a guess)

Weight: 8 pounds even

Length: 21 inches

DH has been having dreams that the baby is a girl, so that is what I'm basing my guess on. Also August 5th is a full moon. The weight is in between our weights as newborns, and the length is between our lengths as newborns.
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I'm 10.5 weeks away - are we really allowed to be thinking things through this much?

Birth date: July 21 - 10 days past my due date

Birth time: 2 pm

Gender: hmmmm - lately I've been leaning towards girl

Weight: 8 pounds 1 oz.

Length: 19 inches

Of course all that would be different if I were leaning towards a boy!
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Birth date: July 7th (EDD July 4th, but DD was 6 days late and then induced, so who knows with this one! )

Birth time: 4:35pm

Gender: Male

Weight: 7lb 4oz...I can only hope! DD was 7lb, I was 7lb2oz, my sisters were close to that...but MIL has 5 kids and all were over 9 pounds (eek!)

Length: 21 inches
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Birth date: July 15
Birth time: 3 pm

Gender: boy?

Weight:7 lb. 7 oz.

Length: 19 inches
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