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Birth date: July 23

Birth time: 12:04am (lol I don't know!)

Gender: male (we know from u/s)

Weight: 8lbs 8oz

Length: 22 inches
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All guesses -- we don't know the gender

Birth date: 10th of July

Birth time: Middle of the night

Gender: Boy

Weight: Around 4kg

Length: Around 52cm
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Birth date: due July 8th, I'm guessing July 10th

Birth time: 1:08pm

Sex: F (guess)

Weight: 8lb 12oz

Length: 22 inches
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This is going to be out of pure "wants and wishes". I have a *thing* about 7's, so don't laugh.

Birth date: July 7, 16, or 21st

Birth Time: Middle of night, so we can have some alone time first.

Gender: girl (we know)

Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz

Length: 21 in.
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How exciting to guess!

Birth date: July 8th (its the day I am due...DD1 was due 7-3, I went into labor and she was born 7-4 and DD2 was born on her due date so I maybe I gestate for exactly 40 wks)

Birth time: 7 am

Gender: GIRL (guess)

Weight: 8 lb 6 oz

Length: 20 inches
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Here's my guess...

Birth date: 7/19 (edd is 7/25, my other two babies showed up 6 days prior to edd, so I'm wondering if this one will follow the same pattern)

Birth time: 9:05am (my other two were born during the daytime)

Gender: M (according to 20 wk u/s)

Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz (I think this one will be the biggest, DS1 was 6.10, DS2 was 7.3)

Length: 21 in ches (both of my other two were 21 inches)
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Birth date: July 4. I really like fireworks, so I figure if I miss them one year for our babies birth, we can have fireworks every year on his birthday. My hb wants July 7th because he likes 7's too.

Birth time: 7:07pm. I was thinking 7pm because I don't want to be awake all night in labor. I am not a night person. I added the extra :07 for my hb. Funny we do agree on the hour.

Gender: Male, but we already know.

Weight: 7lb 7oz, ok I'm not trying to go overboard with the 7s, but hb was 7lb 7oz when he was born and I was around 7lb 5oz I believe.

Length: 21 inches
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Birth date: July 16 (edd according to lmp and what I am measuring is 7/6. but by ovulation is 7/13 and I went over about 3 days w/ both dds)

Birth time:4:30 am

Gender: female

Weight:8 lbs 15 oz

Length: 21 inches
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Birth date: July 30 (EDD July 27th. i was born Aug. 1, my mom was born Aug 3}

Birth time: 3am

Gender: girl {u/s has confirmed that though}

Weight: 7 lbs.

this is my first so really i have no idea...
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Birth date: July 4th

Birth time: 11:11 pm (first guess) 1:00 a.m. (2nd guess)

Gender: Male

7.0 lbs

20 in.
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Birth date: July 19, I am due July 26th. The 19th is DH's birthday. DD and DS were 3 and 5 days early respectively. Was 8 days late, born Aug 2

Birth time: 5 pm. Both my kids were born within half an hour of 5 pm. 12:31 am

Gender: u/s says boy Boy

Weight:8 lb. 7 oz. Weight 8 lb 7 oz, I was bang on!DD was 6 lb 9oz and DS was 9 lb 5 oz so I am just shooting in the dark ehre.

Length: 22 inches, I have tall babiesHe was 19.5 inches, the shortest of the 3
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Time to bump this thread?
Wondering whether any guesses have already been checked and whether they were right
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Originally Posted by Quindin View Post
Time to bump this thread?
Wondering whether any guesses have already been checked and whether they were right
I'm sticking with my guess, although I may change the time to early in the a.m. instead of the p.m.
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I just looked at my guess, and I see that it is for today! Considering the fact that I have had my water broken for almost 48 hours and I'm up with contractions, I'd say I have a decent shot of having the baby on the day I guessed. However, I have 3 hours until the time, and I think that maybe that is not going to happen
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Thanks for bumping Quindin!

Here are the actual stats for mine:

Birth Date: June 28

Birth Time: 5:26pm

Gender: Boy

Weight: 8lb 7oz

Length: 21" (my only correct guess lol, though I was close on a lot of it)

Below are my guesses from before....

Originally Posted by LilMomma83 View Post
Here's mine..

Birth date: June 27 (wishful thinking--EDD is July 6!)

Birth time: 7:03am

Gender: Boy (we already know though)

Weight: 8lbs 0oz

Length: 21"

My DH guesses..

Birth date: July 2

Weight: 7lbs 9oz

Length: 20"

And, DS1 was: 5 days after EDD, 9lbs 3oz and 21"
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LilMomma, you were pretty close!!!!! Congrats!
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Now that it's getting closer, I feel ready to guess!! ha ha.

Birthdate: July 2nd (due July 11th)

Time: 10:00 am

Weight: 8lbs 5 oz

Length: 20 1/2 inches

And we already know it's a boy, so no need to guess that!!
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Birth date: hmmm EDD is the 20th... so wishful thinking... but I also love the idea of the birthday 07-08-09 so I am really hoping for an earlybird. (dd was NOT - who knows how long she would have baked, was induced at 40w2d)

Birth time: Probably something like 5am.

Gender: male. We knew this tho.

Weight:7lb 8oz? ish? dd was 7#1oz

Length:21in (dd was 20.5)
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I think it's time I played:

Birthdate: July 26 (due July 28)

Time: 2:00 am

Gender: Female (total guess)

Weight: 6lbs 5 oz

Length: 19 inches
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Hmmm...I missed this the first time around.

My guesses:
Birth date: August 7th

Birth time: No idea. Ummm... 3 pm

Gender: Boy (we know this)

Weight: At least 8 lbs. My weight gain is so different this time (and my eating habits so much better) that I'm not sure what to guess. All three so far have been a bit over 8 lbs though.

Length: 21 1/2"
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