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I guessed all wrong!

Birth date: July 12tg

Birth time: 9:30 AM

Gender: Girl!! (I was sure it was a boy, but secretly hoped for a girl - now we have 3 of each!! )

Weight: About 5 kilos (10 lbs 15 oz)

Length: They don't do length at birth here. I need to find out later.

Originally Posted by Quindin View Post
All guesses -- we don't know the gender

Birth date: 10th of July

Birth time: Middle of the night

Gender: Boy

Weight: Around 4kg

Length: Around 52cm
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Birth date: July 5th

Birth time: 4:49 p.m.

Gender: Male

7.0 lbs 7 oz

19 in

Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
Birth date: July 4th

Birth time: 11:11 pm (first guess) 1:00 a.m. (2nd guess)

Gender: Male

7.0 lbs

20 in.
So.. I was close, I guess!
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Originally Posted by femalephish View Post
Birth date: I will be 40 weeks on July 9th, but I think Baby is coming on the 12th.

Birth time: Um... night time?

Gender: No Idea! Right this second, I think boy, but sometimes I think girl. I'm excited to find out!

Weight: 8.5 or MORE. I was 9, my littlest sister was 8.5 and two of my brothers were over 10. I know my body can do it, though!

Length: Oh, I don't know.. 21 inches?

This is making me so excited!

I got EVERYTHING wrong!

Birth date; July 2nd

Birth Time: 7:17 am

Gender: girl

Weight: 8lb 2oz

Length: 20 inches
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Birth date: July 15 July 13 her due date
Birth time: 3 pm 7:40 am

Gender: boy? GIRL!

Weight:7 lb. 7 oz. 7 lbs., 8 oz.

Length: 19 inches 19 3/4"
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Not too far off, I suppose!

Originally Posted by blissful_maia View Post
Birth date: July 28 (EDD July 19) July 26

Birth time: 7:45 am 6:51 am

Gender: It's a boy!

Weight: 9lb 14oz 9lb 11oz

Length: 22 inches 21 inches
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Originally Posted by bajamergrrl View Post
I think it's time I played:

Birthdate: July 26 (due July 28) (born July 19)

Time: 2:00 am (1:24 am)

Gender: Female (total guess) (Boy!)

Weight: 6lbs 5 oz (6 lb 6 oz)

Length: 19 inches (20 inches)
I was close.
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Originally Posted by mags View Post
Here's my guess...

Birth date: 7/19 (edd is 7/25, my other two babies showed up 6 days prior to edd, so I'm wondering if this one will follow the same pattern)

Birth time: 9:05am (my other two were born during the daytime)

Gender: M (according to 20 wk u/s)

Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz (I think this one will be the biggest, DS1 was 6.10, DS2 was 7.3)

Length: 21 in ches (both of my other two were 21 inches)
Actual stats:

8 lbs, 9 oz
21.5 inches
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Originally Posted by gossamerwindweb View Post
Birth date: August 1 (cringe)

Birth time: 3am

Gender: male (we know from u/s)

Weight: 8 1/2 lbs

Length: 22 inches
Well, that is what I guessed. He actually was born August 5th at 4:01pm, 8 lbs 3 oz and 24 inches long... yes, 24. Crazy long
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OK, I was way off on the date at time. He was born on 7-17-09 at 8:42pm (labor was much faster than I expected). However, I was only 2 ounces off for weight (8 lbs, 6 oz), and I was right on for height!

Originally Posted by vonn's_mama View Post
Birth date: I'm hoping for July 8 so his bd will be 7-8-9.

Birth time:3 am

Gender: boy (I know this already)

Weight: 8 lb 4 oz

Length:21 inches
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Originally Posted by tracymom1 View Post
Oh fun! I haven't even thought about any of this yet!

Birth Date: I say the 15th, DH says the 18th (due on the 20th)

Time: 8pm

Gender: We know its a girl!! :

Weight: 6# 4oz

Length: 20 inches
Due Date baby! Born July 20th at 6:23pm
6# 1oz
18 1/2 inches long (lil' shorty!!)

All kinda close, but not really!
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Originally Posted by mama_michelle View Post
how exciting to guess!

Birth date: July 8th (its the day i am due...dd1 was due 7-3, i went into labor and she was born 7-4 and dd2 was born on her due date so i maybe i gestate for exactly 40 wks) wishful thinking...july 17th

birth time: 7 am 8:35 am

gender: Girl (guess) got this part right!!! :

Weight: 8 lb 6 oz way off here...11 lb 1 oz!

length: 20 inches 21.5"
The only thing I got right was the gender! Can't imagine I would have ever guessed 11.1 for the babe's weight...just better I didn't know!
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Originally Posted by bananababies View Post
Birth date: due July 8th, I'm guessing July 10th Try the 19th!!

Birth time: 1:08pm 7:30pm

Sex: F (guess) A boy!

Weight: 8lb 12oz 7lb 12oz

Length: 22 inches 19 3/4
I was way off! He was 11 days past his due date, and smaller than my daughter!
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Originally Posted by DahliaRW View Post
Birth date: July 4th (wishful thinking, but ds1 is New Years so a July 4th baby would be really cool)

Birth time: 2:03am

Gender: Girl (wishful thinking again)

Weight: 9lbs 5 oz (no actually being realistic here, maybe even wishful on the lighter side!)

Length: 21"
Well, I was right on the gender! But actual stats were July 7th (so only 3 days off), time was 1:30pm, and she only weighed 7lbs, a full 3lbs 10 oz lighter than ds2! Oh, and 20", so close there. My boys were 21 and 21 1/2!
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I was only right about the length

Birth date: July 18

Birth time: 2:51 am

Gender: boy (I already know this)

Weight: 7 lbs. 1 oz.

Length: 20

Originally Posted by georgiegirl1974 View Post
This should be fun!

Birth date: July 14

Birth time: 4:45PM

Gender: boy (I already know this)

Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz.

Length: 20"
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I was totally wrong on everything except the weight which I guessed perfectly! I updated my oringal post #31
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